Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We (ok I) kicked off spring break 2010 week with a spring break pedicure, and my only break from the big boys. I took them to Adventure Kids (hourly drop off) and Christian and I went to China town for some toe lovin'. My feet were in desperate need of attention. So I just ran to the nail place in the parking lot of the daycare. I remembered when I walked in the door that I was not a fan of the place, but a pedicure can't really be bad, some are just better than others.
We spent Monday afternoon at the park. I don't have pictures to prove it, but we were there enjoying the sun.
Tuesday the weather was a bit cooler and cloudy so we hung out inside that morning. We spent some time in our arts and crafts room making pringle can piggy banks.

The finished results are great, and the cans are filling up quickly. The boys can find coins anywhere.

That afternoon we went shoe shopping. Stride Right was BOGO half and the boys needed their spring/summer sandals and new crocs. This is Connor's pair with his new Batman jibbit. With their wide feet, we are very limited where we can shoe shop, so I braved the crowds in the tiny store and hit the outlet location. I got the big boys sandals and Colton a pair of crocs there (they did not have Connor's size) so I needed a 4th pair so I went ahead and bought the baby a pair of sandals. I really think it was my first pair of baby shoes. I have always let the boys go barefoot until a year old, mainly because I LOVE their feet. But the stinking sandals were so cute that I couldn't help myself. We then ran over to the croc store and got Connor a new pair. So 5 pair of shoes for about $120...not to bad right?!

Wednesday morning the boys decorated them selves (or each other, I am not sure which) with the markers while I fed Christian. Geez... I can't leave them alone for a single minute!

Colton used/ate an ENTIRE tube of chapstick. Should make his insides smooth and his lips and face kissable.

We spent the beautiful afternoon at the park with friends Ilan and Castel

I would look up to check on a boy and it would take a minute, as everyone was dressed in green for St Patty's. That why I try to put the boys in the same or similar shirts or a bright color. It makes them easier to locate in a hurry.

Christian enjoyed the sunshine too after his snooze

Connor was suppose to be in time out, but everyone joined him
(ILan, Connor, Colton, and Castel)

Thursday we found ourselves at the zoo with half the state of Texas!! For goodness sakes, can't you people go somewhere else? We went with BFF's Ilan and Castel again. We love hanging out with them but Ilan and Connor go to school on opposite days so this was a special week.

Looking for the tiger

Sweet Castel

My little ones in our new stroller which I
will have to explain later. But
I do love it!

Sweet Kisses

Friday Connor went over to Ben's house and tried to catch up on some laundry. Daddy came home that night and I mentally checked out, as I always do about 30 seconds after he walks in the door. Kind of makes me feel sorry for the guy. He works all week and then comes home on the weekend and has to take over here. NICE!
Saturday the weather turned cold. We just hung around the house. Hubby went to the grocery store for me and then I went to Target for my outing. I wanted to go to dinner that night, but we don't have sitters. At the last minute my MIL called to say that her plans had been cancelled so she came over to sit with the kiddos. Mark and I had already eaten so we went to Brio for a glass of wine and dessert. We had the best piece of cheesecake EVER! Then we walked over to Cru. Can't wait to go back there again. I had asked off of work for the weekend because we were suppose to go to OKC, but with the bad weather we decided not to go. It has worked out though because Mark and I needed a couple of hours for just us.

Don't know if you can see this or not, but I snapped this picture right before I went to bed Saturday night. A pretty heavy dusting of snow that we were not even suppose to get.
Then woke up to all this Sunday morning...

Crazy Spring Break weather.
But now I am ready for my break-HA
Actually what I really want is an afternoon at the spa.
Are you reading this Mark?!?!
What I really, really, REALLY want is an afternoon at the spa!
Right now Colton is getting his special time with Daddy. I think they headed to the mall to play at the bookstore and check out the new stuff at Disney and ride the carousel.
Good Times!!!


Dee Stephens said...

this 'spring' weather is nutz...
You totally deserve a spa day!!!

The Soladay Family said...

What a great post! Good idea for the Pringels piggy banks...storing the idea....

I love the pics of the boys with marker all over them! Only a mom can handle that mess!

Ryan and I love Cru'. We go there probably every other weekend. It's so romantic. =)

starnes family said...

My kids live in Crocs. Love them. I look forward to getting them out each year b/c it means I don't have to help them put shoes on!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

It was so good to talk to you today! I promise I will be better about calling you! Love you lots!!!

Coco said...

Crocs are a summer must in this house. SO easy and you don't care what happens to them, they are indistructable.

Your kids and my kids can never be left alone together with markers or chapstick/lipgloss. Let's always remember this.