Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Birthday

Connor made his entrance into this world butt first....
and it so fits his personality!

Connor's first birthday
I was sad this day to see my baby enter a new stage, toddler.
I find my self more sad today as he is officially a kid!! Maybe it's because I know I will not have any more babies. Maybe it's because I am just a blink away from sending him off to college. I am not sure, but my heart aches. I am excited to see him grow and mature and fearful at the same time that I will screw him up! I am no mother of the year contender, that's for sure.

(Geez, can I ever get back to this weight? And I still wasn't thin)
This is the problem with walks down memory lane

This was around his 2nd birthday. For some reason I could not locate those pictures...whoops!

The 3rd birthday....CARS of course

And now at 4.....

Connor has had the best 2 days ever. We had his birthday party yesterday
(more to come on that) and today he was the STAR at school. I took cupcakes in to share with his class. He got to wear a birthday hat, which went well with his batman outfit, cape included! He even got to be the line leader, lucky man! Then after school we went to the toy store so he could pick out his present. After carefully selecting several batman and spiderman action figures, we went to the playground to play. We met up with several friends there (some planned, some not) and it was like another party.
He had a great day up until the final minutes before bedtime when all the Lenzer boys melted out at the same time. That makes for difficult sharing and the ownership of said action figures were threatened.
Here's hoping that 4 is better than 3!!!!
I'm still a whore, a chocolate whore. When are the candy holidays gonna end? Never gonna look like the above picture at this rate!


Amy S said...

So grown up! Thanks for the pictures! They are adorable!!

NayNay said...

Aaawwwww, I remember what a cute, easy baby Conner was, you could have lunch with us and everything! He looks like such a big boy now and yes you are right, in a blink of an eye he'll be gone and having his own babies!(my current perspective) So I'll tell you what a wise 75 yr old Couples Sunday School teacher told me when I was pulling my hair out with small children - "enjoy these times, when you know where they are and what they are doing every minute, these are the good times".
Hang in there!

The Soladay Family said...

Sweet little guy! Happy birthday!