Monday, March 15, 2010

ZOO 2010

We have been to the zoo twice in the last couple of weeks. I went ahead and renewed our membership. Who knows how long it will be until we move. The boys love it and it wears them out, which means Mamma Loves It!
We have another trip planned this week for Spring Break 2010

We went to Zoo South on 1 on the visits that has the penguins and Gorillas. The Gorillas recently escaped again at the Dallas Zoo...NICE! Lock the damn cage folks, it's not that difficult.

Since the boys are wearing the same clothes, it appears that this is the same trip, but it's not. Guess I need to go shopping (or least check my photos so I put them in something different)!

Hate to bore you with the same ol' zoo photos and animal shots!! But these sheep were so cute...going to town on the hay lunch.

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