Thursday, March 4, 2010


Not much going here at Casa de Lenzer!
They say "no news is good news" which I suppose is true most of the time. Except for when you have a house for sale...then no news really sucks! The house is still on the market, we are still here, alone!
We have been trying to get out on sunny days and catch up with a park or two. We try to stay indoors on the rainy days. I am sitting here this morning trying to decide about going to the zoo.
We went up to OKC a couple of weekends ago to see Mark and check out some neighborhoods. We plan on going back up there in 2 more weeks. I am anxious to get our family back together.
Christian is still not sleeping through the night, unless Mark is home. When Mark is here, he sleeps all night. I think he does it on purpose so that Mark will think I am lying--HA! I really need to get him out of my room and into the crib, but Colton is so not interested in sleeping in the bed. Every night I ask him where he wants to sleep. "Baby bed" he tells me. Truth is, I kind of like sharing my bed (even though I complain about it), but I think Christian might sleep better alone? Plus I don't want to start a bunch of habits I can't break easily and then have my 10 year old son still in my bed.
Colton's speech therapy is going well. If I had to pay for it, I wouldn't do it. They don't do anything you can't do on your own. The therapist said from week 1 he really doesn't need it, that he perfectly normal, what ever that is. So we are going to go every other week for a few more times, and then that's it. He is talking up a storm now and copying EVERYTHING Connor says. I guess I better start watching my mouth.
I missed getting Precious in the garage the other day. I leave them in there when it is too cold or rainy to be left outside incase we get a showing. When I came home, in the pouring rain, I saw her running down alley. Need less to say, she was soaking wet!! Great! She already stunk bad enough. It took her the entire rest of the day to dry. Let the dogs eat up some spilled peanuts. Mark informed me, after he cleaned up the yard, that dogs don't really digest peanuts. NICE!
Been working at PB every weekend. Back to my regular shifts of 5-10 on Saturday night and 2-7 Sundays. Hating it right now. I miss my family. Mark has been bringing the baby up there for me to feed because he has lost all interest in the bottle, not that he was ever really into it.
See told you it was boring around here!!
Hope all is well with everyone!


The Soladay Family said...

Praying for the right buyer to come along VERY quickly for you! Hang in there!

Which PB are you working at on the weekends?

starnes family said...

Boring and exciting all at the same time. Hang in there! I'm thinking about you every day, Jann.

Deelsu said...

I'm praying for a buyer too! Hang in there! and yes, dogs don't digest peanuts. My Mom fed Buddy some a few months ago and he puked them up on my bed! I was so ticked!