Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Christian

from the party.....

 Colton and his god mother, Linda
 Christian and Nannie, my MIL
 helping himself to the cake

 Con and his 2 best TX buddies
Ben (L) and Ilan (R)

 High five for the birthday boy

And now for some Thanksgiving pics.....
(and maybe now I can be caught up on last year?)
 climbing the big tree at Pappa Lou's house

 All the little Lenzer's
Connor-5, Kyle-1, Christian-2, Colton-4, Carson-3
Anybody feel sorry for my MIL?

Mark, the boys, and good ol' Pappa Lou

bad picture
plus me


starnes family said...

So many boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dee Stephens said...

Thanksgiving??!! LOL! You crack me up! So fun with all the kiddos.

NayNay said...

I do feel for your MIL, love little boys but oh my girls! Keep me broke for sure but are my reward for raising boys. You should start praying now for grand daughters. I did always tell my boys don't bring me anything but girls, 'course after 2 I was ready for another boy and we got a sweet one. One day I'll introduce you, ha!