Monday, February 6, 2012

Christian's 2

Somewhere in my lazy lack of blogging this little guy

turned 2

and he knows it
 he gets his own treats
and double fists it
 he is CONSTANTLY climbing something

 or putting things in his hair
it's a darn good thing he's so freaking loving and cute

Christian's birthday was over Thanksgiving
you know
well over 2 months ago
We happened to be in Dallas that weekend
So we asked our friends to meet at
Chuck E Cheese
nothing formal
just some pizza and fun

Thanks to my MIL
for this delightful gift
 This one is just as nosey
but it has finally made its way outside
Christian is my baby
but boy is he
busy, busy, busy

He can't decide now if wants his crib or bed
He really just prefers to sleep with me
Wouldn't be so bad if he slept the right way
But he sleeps sideways
There is not a bed big enough
for a sideways sleeping kid
No matter what
it's always a kick in your kidney

He has given up the high chair
It would take him an extra 20 seconds to get on the table
He tries so hard with a regular cup
The first couple of sips
not so bad
After that, it's on the floor
or his shirt
or both

Happy Birthday to my Christian
Maybe this year he can have a real party
and maybe
just maybe
I will post about it


starnes family said...

2. 2? Can that be right?

Sweet boy.

Time for one more!

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! I remember when you got prego! Blogland!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Crazy ... we'll have to celebrate all of theirs in March ... all y'all coming still?