Monday, June 27, 2011


Been working on this BS nonsense post for a week
Guess it's about time finish it up
and move on

I'm gonna make you jealous
Mark helps with the laundry
and the dishes 
and all the cleaning really
well he doesn't scrub a toilet 
but he helps
which is good 
cause I HATE to clean
and I suck at it
that being said
here's what the sheets looked like when he was done
He washed a red blanket with the ivory sheets
luckily most of it belongs to the guest room
so when you come to visit me
you will sleep in pink
we haven't shown the boys their spiderman pillowcase though
I think I will toss it before it gets noticed
We had some visitors to OKC
Ben and Sophia spent a few days with us

Connor is having an identity crisis lately
Can't decide on who to be
So he is a bit of it all

Chris wants to do all the things the big boys do

One would think after chasing this busy bee
I would be a freaking size 0

Had our first OKC garage sale a few weeks ago
Quite different here than in TX
Didn't even make $200
But I did pick up this bike from the neighbors

And this little chair which is perfect in the playroom

Took Connor swimming at the neighbor's house
The one neighbor we have with a small child
He's 7, so Con thinks that's cool
And I like the mom
And they have a pool

Love me some baby bum

Christian eats like a horse
Double fisting it here

Connor is really into the computer games lately
I wish they had their own computer though
Been looking for a cheap one online

That's it
We're boring
Staying inside lots
especially this week
over 100 every day
And this would be the week Connor has zoo camp

Hope your life is more interesting than mine friends
Can you believe month 1 of summer is almost complete?
It has flown by
I am hoping to slow things down though for July


Dee Stephens said...

Awesome that your neighbor has a pool!! and a kid!
It is hard to believe the summer is half over..
We've been on the go and will be for the next 3 weeks.
Let's hope something GREAT happens this next month unlike June. :(

NayNay said...

Is it ever hot!? Love the baby bum and are his eyes not the prettiest blue! Hang in there! Not sure when we'll be up next but I'll try and let you know.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

We're boring too and it's hotter than you know what here!! Drive out - we have a pool too!