Thursday, June 30, 2011


Con has tried lots of sports
and currently Basketball

 Soccer was a waist of time
That's why we tried it twice
Just to make sure
The practices were OK
But the games
forget about it
He wanted to sit out
Volunteering to let someone else go in
He never got the ball
Then there are those kids
You know the one
The natural talents
The kid who ALWAYS has the ball
and always scores
That was NOT my kid
and I think it frustrated Con some

So we thought tennis might be better
more solo
less team
it was just a camp
no matches
and he was fairly good at it
for a kid who's never touched a racket
but the below picture
is how he spent most of his hour
for the whole week
and each day asking
"how many more minutes"
"how many more days"

Thought it might have been the time
tennis was at noonish
our normal quiet time
and soccer practice was evenings
our normal very quiet time
but the games were early
 so no excuses there

Connor is skipping swim this month
Colton is not
they will both be back in lessons in July
Neither one of them are natural fish
Again...the class always seems to have THAT kid
who jumps in and just starts swimming
like he was born in the freaking water

Connor wanted to try basketball
I thought OK
he's asking
and it's inside
and you practice 30 minutes before a game
so I'm not running around every single night
with  games and practices
Love how little the goal is

He got the ball first and made a basket
Then pretty much never touched the ball again
He told me
"This is definitely not my sport"
He just doesn't get in there

caught him yawning
it's hard to play these bedtime sports
And it too had THE kid
who excelled

I want him to play what ever he wants to play
whenever he wants to play it
but I think he is so young
On the one hand
if you don't sign them up to play things now
when they do start
they are behind
because everyone else started at 4

What sports are you involved in?
What age did it start?
And how much do you push it?

I made Connor read a book the other day 
while we waited for tennis to start
He was bothered because we had already read that day
I told him if he did not do sports
he had to be really good at reading
He decided he would make swim  his sport

Just another way to screw up my kids
push the sports now
or wait and he's behind



BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love you Cousin! Chatty is in soccer (started at 4 I think) and started swimming at 2 (since we have a pool). She is naturally athletic and soccer seems to be a good fit for her. She is a fish - I was too - plus out here that's what we do most of the time. Give him a little time ... I think it is good to try different things. We haven't started Sophia yet because she hasn't expressed an interest although I think she will be a dancer - that's just me. D wants her to be an athlete! We'll see - just let him keep trying things ... what about t-ball??

Dee Stephens said...

Good post. I was not an athlete but a lot of that had to do with the fact that my Mom wanted me to be a 'girly girl'..and that is what she got.
I danced and took modeling, did pageants.
I was forced to take tennis lessons which I liked 'ok'.
Brad on the other hand.. was swimming and playing every sport under the sun at age 4.
Now that Reed,our nephew, is 5.. Brad, and my in-laws think he should be playing all sports too.
The thing is -- I don't think he's going to be like Jeff and Brad.
He's okay with playing t-ball in the yard but they put him in soccer this year and he made 2 goals.
2 goals for the other team. He was so proud of himself and everyone was laughing at him.
Robyn thought it was cute but Jeff was mortified.
What does Mark think? Does he work with the boys at night to develop their interests?
I think they might still be young. Who knows.

NayNay said...

Hmmm, your story sounds somewhat familiar to me. Both my boys "tried" all sports, excelled at none. They enjoyed the comraderie of being on a team, wearing a uniform and getting the coke and candy bar at the end of the game. The oldest picked flowers in the outfield during t-ball. Then got yelled at by the opposing coach in soccer because he kept trying to chat up their star player who was a friend of his. What can I say, they were more social than athletic! They both were on swim team one summer and did ok but got tired of getting up for early practice before the pool opened (mom too). The younger one got discouraged after we moved to TX because there were tons of "that kid" who took private lessons from former pro athletes! Both turned out fine and I think have no regrets for having tried and failed.
Keep exposing them and continue in the ones they ask to repeat. Things may change as they get older and in school and have friends that do things they'll want to do. Good luck!

starnes family said...

Take your time. Jack has never played a sport. You're doing OK.

Carter has done sports - about one a year - since age 3. He played basketball for the first time this past year and was a super star. So, years of practice don't produce that.....or a love for the game......I think it's just natural in some kids.

I feel no need to keep my kids constantly in sports. Would much rather enjoy the outdoors......swim, hike, ski, etc.......

Merry Mack said...

I think this is a difficult place for many parents, but our generation tends to put a lot of pressure on ourselves as parents and our kids. I like your style. Trying things out. I also love that Connor will just tell you, it isn't for him. Missy Mack never shows an interest in sports. I am not sporty. She likes ballet and gymnastics (that could be for your guy)and swims well, but still needs lessons.

I think he is too young. He may be a golfer. My husband didn't get into sports until much later. Now he bikes and golfs but in HS and College he did Basketball and soccer.

You are good. He is good.