Sunday, June 19, 2011

Road Trip....Continued

A week in the country, A week away from the routine, A week with family-it's good for the soul. However , it's not so good for the plants back home. Most of them did not survive, the ones that are not in reach of the sprinklers anyway. 

We started off our visit with watching my nieces dance recital. I haven't seen one in years. Now she is 16 and on the competitive team. I have no pictures of that to share, but take my word on it...she rocks! What a way to begin a family affair.

We spent most of the weekend in my sister's pool. It was just about too hot to do much of anything else. Connor is becoming quite the little fish. I had to make a Target run for some goggles. Colton held his own with the big boys (Connor and my 11 year old nephew). Christian preferred to be held or just quietly sit in the boat float. 

 Pops loves to fly his planes, in the yard and on the computer. This is always a hit with the boys. I hope they always remember doing this something special with their pops.

 Pops always gives the boys a remote, you know a "remote" that belongs to something else. He is flying the plane but they sure think they are! And have a great time doing it.

 Colton was doing flying the plane one evening out front with Pops and it crashed in the driveway. But Colton was watching a real airplane in the sky and was telling Pops "it's too high".

We also did lots of....
4 wheel riding

And snoozing

And lego building
 And visiting with Granny

And playing

And just in case the boys weren't obsessed with IPhone games
Thomas got them hooked on Angry Birds

And the sprinkler and water guns were a big hit

Christian didn't think so

 Such boys-nothing feels as good as water on the rear

And during our entire week here, we only saw this guy once. I joke about this to my sister because she is quite the QVC shopper, my mom too. So UPS makes delivery quite often. Soon, they will be setting him a dinner plate.

Overall the visit was fantastic. We did not see any deer, but pops did kill 2 snakes. And you're welcome for NOT posting those pictures.  The drive home was not quite as good as the ride there. Everyone was overly tired and extra cranky! But we did it, we survived. Now we are home, celebrating father's day with Daddy. We have swim lessons and tennis lessons this week, and I have a very dirty house to clean! Good times at Casa de Lenz!!

Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there!


Dee Stephens said...

Christian's expressions are so cute!
As for the sprinkler -- we loved playing in ours as kids.
QVC! YOu're all obsessed! Have you seen my friend Rachel yet?

If the shoe FITZ said...

water in the rear. funny.