Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back Yard Bliss

We heart our back yard
It is the reason we bought this house
It is huge and full of trees
We have been spending lots of time outside 
of course the last couple of weeks it's mostly in the morning
It is actually quite shady most of the day
But after dinner the sun shines directly through this break in the tree branches

We have managed a couple of afternoons in the blow up pool

Notice the welt on Christian's tummy
with lots of trees
come lots of mosquito's
He has had several ginormous bites

I finally broke down and purchased a small water table
Caught one on sale at Target for $25
It's one of those things I wished I had purchased with child #1
Would have gotten all my money's worth out of it
But none-the-less
We are loving our little one

And when the big boys take over
Chris just moves his little bottom in

I'm telling you
little bit can hold his own in this family

Mental note though
Don't put it so close to the flower pots
It just becomes a muddy mess

Then it becomes a game
They take the toys over to the sandbox and roll them around
All the sand sticks to the wet toys
Then back to the mud pit to wash

As long as everyone has fun
It doesn't bother me
You have to pick your battles
And muddy boys is not one of them

But this is the aftermath

And the bath tub after the clean up

How come the heat never seems to bother kids?
I am always soaking wet with sweat and miserable
Of course my white freckly skin can't take much

The big boys have been practicing holding their breath
Connor is up to almost 10 seconds
Probably more than I could do

I think I buy a water gun every week
Always worth the buck
Especially when Mamma wins the water gun war

One of my favorite parts of the yard is the wildlife
OK, just the birds
I wish I could shoot the freaking squirrels and bugs

Here is one of our pretty cardinals
  I used to really like her
Until I caught her pulling apart my basket for her nest

I wanted to attract some finches
So I bought a finch feeder and finch food
They have not come yet
But my once full feeder is now almost empty
Because of the FREAKING squirrels
And if that wasn't bad enough
I left the bag out overnight
and the stupid squirels ripped it apart
So those fat little rodents have eaten an entire bag of food
And I don't have any new birds

And all my plants are dead
OK, so it might be my fault for not watering them
But a little rain or a break in the triple digits

What are you doing outside in this summer?


Dee Stephens said...

I'm going to have to remember the water table thing.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Glad you are all doing well! Miss you.

Merry Mack said...

Good for you on the water table. It is excellent for sensory play too. Boys! They are messy. Looks like fun and a pain to clean up. Beautiful backyard. I have no advice for those pesky rodents.