Friday, July 22, 2011

40 inches

Do you know what is 40 inches tall?
I'll tell you
This guy

You know what else is about 40 inches high?
I'll tell you
This thing

Do you know what happens when they collide?
I'll tell you

Our little Frankenstein
has 3 staples

Connor was leaving the playroom
and hit his head on the door thing
He came up the stairs crying
telling me he hit his head
It was a few moments before I saw blood
The head bleeds
Then I started wondering if it would need a stitch or two
I called Mark and my neighbor
Then I called my doctor's office
I wanted to know if should bring him there
or take him to a clinic
I am still waiting on them to call back
(needless to say I am looking for a new doctor)

I headed for the clinic
dropping the little boys off at a childwatch place
We got right in at a quack shack
I had told Connor the doc would probably just put a special bandaid on it
But instead he said it needed a few staples
Apparently they no longer do stitches in the head
And they don't numb it up
The shots to numb it are far more painful than the staples
The put a little topical medicine on it
which supposedly numbs it a bit
When the guy was saying he would need staples
Connor's eyes filled up with tears
and he looked scared to death
He could not even speak
But he sat there and played phone games
while I held the medicine on his noggin for 10 minutes
It was quick for the actual stapling
but he screamed and cried
then 2 minutes later we were discussing what Lego toy he wanted

$75 for the doctor visit
$20 for new Legos
story for a lifetime

Can't believe I made it over 5 years
without a major event
I hope this does not open the flood gates


Momma to the A's said...

First off, it sounds like you kept your cool really well!! But, OMGOSH! Poor little guy! That is awful. Stupid door thingy! What a brave little man. If I heard the words staple and head, I would cry too! I am so glad he is alright, but what a scary event for mom! That will be a great story for his life time. Hope all is calm a quiet now at your house.

starnes family said...

See how well you handled that?

Super Mom.

Merry Mack said...

I might have fainted so you are my hero. Poor guy! We had a similar incident when Missy Mack was 2, but it was on her forehead and the glued it back together. You would think the clinic would come up with a less scary word for small people to use. Staples do sound scary. The whole thing sounds scary and I am glad that Legos cure things. Good job, momma!

Dee Stephens said...

YIKES! I would have freaked. Child watch place? Did you know about it before? Sounds brilliant in times like that! Glad he mustered through it. I probably would have been more scared then him!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cous - good job! He and Sophia can be "Staple Cousins" - welcom to the club!! It's amazing how well they handle it huh!! Let's catch up this week on the phone - I am in NJ ... no kids and free time!!

Sara said...

Oh wow - that picture just makes my head hurt. Poor Conner! Hope he's feeling better. Sounds like he was a trooper. These kiddos amaze me at how well they handle pain.