Friday, July 8, 2011

Hard Day

Yesterday was a tough day. Not bad in the angry or sad way, nothing dramatic happened. Just one of those days that leaves you emotionally drained. So much so that you can even sit down on the couch and watch a show because that might require too much concentration. The kind of day that in the final hours of "mamma duty" you are dreaming of a nice chilled glass of Pinot Grigio while some hot young guy rubs your feet (whoops, where did that thought come from?), but by the time you get 3 little people (kids, not midgets) bathed, lotioned, dressed, teeth brushed, books read, prayers said, tv show watched, and into bed....the glass of wine doesn't even sound good anymore.

SHOOT ME NOW.....YOU READ IT RIGHT! THAT'S HOW I FELT. WINE COULD NOT EVEN HELP! The hottie rubbing my feet might have though!

The day started by me taking my 3 boys to Target at 8:30am to buy 2 Finn cars (the spy car from CARS2) for the big boys, one of which is lost already-a car not a boy. Connor earned his for not talking back for 2 days and Colton earned his for not peeing OR pooping in his pants the day before-big stuff folks! Anyway, we had to pick up buddy Andrew at 9. I was taking the boys to the Science Museum (a post on that coming later). No big deal, adding the 4th kid is sometimes easier. The two 5 year olds take care of themselves and entertain each other. It's the chasing around of a VERY active 19 month old that will wear you the heck out, physically and mentally. We got to the museum with about 56,738 other kids. I am not sure how many day cares were there, enough to make me want to scream and take another Zoloft.

We played around and ate our packed lunch there and made it home by 12:30. Christian had fallen asleep in the car on the ride home and decided not to fall back asleep once in his own bed. This happens occasionally, but thank goodness not too often. So after Sara picked up Andrew, I thought I needed to really torture myself and the boys with a trip to the DMV, department of motor vehicles for any of you who are unaware! You know the place, hell on earth!

I thought since it was just after lunch that it might not be too bad. I have been to the local tag office and it was easy-breezy. I had high hopes for getting my new OK license. We walked in and took a number. I pulled lucky number 827, the counter was on number 798. We waited and waited and no new number was ever called. So I thought maybe all those people were waiting for some group testing or something and I went to the desk to ask the guy about the correct ID's I needed. It's the only excuse I could think of for going to the counter. I had the proper ID's with me so "just take a number and wait".  And here's the the counter there were 3 people working (3 stations, 3 computers) and none of them were doing a damn thing! It's like the freaking road crews you see when you drive past construction. You know where 1 guy is sitting on the bulldozer that's not moving, 4 others are sitting on the ground smoking, and another half dozen are standing around talking!

More than 2 1/2 hours and 2 buildings later (you have to then drive to another location down the road to fill out more paperwork, pay a nominal fee, and pick up your license) I am officially an OKIE!


My new license is ugly, my picture is worse!

The boys were beat. We were worn out and hot and sweaty. So I  got them a juice from the gas station, changed a very wet Christian, and took them to Chick Fil-A to play and eat their dinner. They SO deserved a treat.

It was going great, until everybody decided they had to poop while we were there. One boy made in the potty, the other 2 did not, which means I had to change a diaper and dirty pants!

I was so looking forward to Mark getting home early to take over help with baths and bedtime so I could decompress before our favorite summer show (Big Brother) started. However, he was running late and then got stuck on an hour phone call with some "chatty charlie" sales guy!

But I survived. I always do! I am just very glad it's a new day. Except for this freaking beep that I can't locate. It's about to drive me MAD!

Hope your day was less frantic than mine


Dee Stephens said...

WOW! that does sound like a day!

starnes family said...

Oh, how I can relate.

Keep up the good work, Jann. You're an awesome Mom!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Here's hoping today goes smoother Cous!!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Oh good God, I hate those days. Not that I can say much b/c I just have one kid.
You made it through that day so it'll get better!

Merry Mack said...

Days like that suck! I am sorry. Have a drink. Tomorrow will be better.

Momma to the A's said...

I hate when a day turns out that way! Hopefully the wine did the trick after all and the next day was much better! I know it is so hard to have a positive attitude after a day like that!