Friday, February 12, 2010

Holy Corn Rollers

Picture it...
Tuesday, mid morning, just hanging out with the boys
when suddenly 3 year old Connor says he wants to make and EAT fruit salad for dinner
Connor wants to eat.something.not junk
Kroger, here we come
Now normally I do my grocery shopping on Wednesday when the big boys are at school. Shopping with 3 kids-not fun. Not to mention there is not much room in the cart. But I decided to give it a whirl. We had a showing that afternoon anyway and had to be out of the house for a couple of hours.
So I took the stroller in for the baby and Colton, but Colton decided he wanted his own cart as well.
God help us
and Kroger
So we picked out all our favorite fruit....strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, pineapple, apples, oranges-the works
ALL for this fruit salad we were going to make and eat for dinner
As we are filling our baskets with our weekly supply of foods and talking about what we are going to eat the rest of the week, Connor asks me
"Mommy, do we need any corn rollers?"
me- "Any what?"
Connor- "Corn Rollers"
me- "Umm, what are corn rollers?"
Connor- "Those" (as he points)
me- "show me I'm not sure what you are pointing to"
It was a bag of frozen corn on the cob
The boys actually did very well. We were not kicked out of the store. Always a good sign. No one threatened to call CPS. Always a very good sign. In fact, I did not even have to threaten a kid with their life. It was a pleasant experience, not one I want to go through every week, but not bad.
So home we went. We washed up our fruit and got out our knives. (The boys do use plastic ones, don't freak out on me now) We went to cutting and snacking and tossing in a bowl. Then mommy (that's me) but the top on the bowl to shake it all up. And their it went!

All over the FREAKING floor!
Holy Corn Rollers
Now I have to mop, AGAIN!!
And no fruit salad for dinner

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starnes family said...

You tried!!!!!! And, the kids will likely remember this for years. I still recall my mother dropping two pies in the middle of our kitchen floor. Good stuff!