Friday, February 12, 2010

What a Great Day

Well I am referring to was a SUPER day!!
Let's start with the obvious

As I layed in the bed at 4am with the TV on, the news reporter kept talking about snow in the metroplex. I was thinking, yeah whatever! They never get it right. I finally dozed back off only to be woken up by my sweet Connor's voice saying "mommy it's snowing".
And boy was it ever, BIG FLUFFY flakes.
Of course we had to go out and play the instant that baby Christian was snoozing

OK, they do have on coats underneath their rain coats. I dressed them in as many layers as they could stand. I kept adding until their arms good barely bend.

We eventually moved out front so that our neighbor could come out and play too. I am so glad the boys got to see it snow. I will post more pictures of the final result from this morning. It snowed ALL day and we had actually broke records for the area....over 8 inches.
So for the better part of my day...
Wednesday night Christian slept great only waking up to eat 1 time and even then it was just a snack. Then he was on some sort of a schedule yesterday. He got up, hung out and ate, then took a 2 hour morning nap. After his lunch and little more hanging out he had is 2 hour afternoon nap. All this great napping while the big boys got along. It was a long day indoors that I wasn't really prepared for, but it turned out to be one of the best we have had in a while!!!
Just a note-
Several people have asked me if Connor was crying in the new header picture I have up. I can't really remember the exact occasion of the picture, but him crying would not be a shocker. He cries alot these days....his feeling are always hurt or he's wining about something.
For fun-
Why the heck do "they" put non-skid rubber stuff on the bottom of baby socks? Like a 3 month old is gonna suddenly get up and haul ass across the room? Makes me laugh every time I put Christian in a pair of socks with rubber on the bottom!


starnes family said...

Glad you guys got to enjoy the snow. You'll have lots of fun in OKC! They've gotten a ton of weather this year!

Brandi said...

The snow is so peaceful and beautiful!!!

I am ready for spring, though! I am so excited over my apple trees starting to bud. :)