Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Can I Get a Potty Break Please?

Yesterday was a normal morning for us, rush-rush-rush to get out of the house by 8:10 AM to make it the morning class at the gym. The last thing I did was grab Colton's coat out of the closet and zip him up.
During the drive, I was glancing in the rear view mirror and noticed a ton of hair inside the hood of Colton's jacket. I thought man, how did I not notice that when i grabbed it, Colton must have been playing with the dogs last time he had it on.
As soon as I parked, I went straight to Colton. The entire hood of his coat was filled with hair...and it was not DOG hair. I ran my fingers through his hair and a glob came out. I ran my fingers through again....another glob. In that 1 second a million thoughts went through my mind, starting with what is wrong with my baby. My heart started to pound and my chest got tight. Connor must have noticed the fear in my eyes because he says to me
"mommy, don't worry Colton just cut his hair"
At this point, you just laugh!

This is Colton pre-cut.
Luckily he has a lot of beautiful thick hair

This is just 1 clump I found on the chair in the arts and crafts room where this little hair cut took place
I already came to terms with the fact that I will never pee alone again. I have to lie about having to poop when Mark is home to steal a few moments of peace, all though there is usually someone banging on the door. I haven't had a shower with the door closed in years. In fact it has been awhile since I've showered alone. I guess I can't even take my bathroom breaks anymore without my entourage-HA!!!

And just for fun...
my happy baby Christian
Good News-
the cyst the doctor found on his man parts is gone (so they think)
The power of prayer!!!

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starnes family said...

So glad for your good news. Yes, prayer is good!