Saturday, July 17, 2010

Moving Day

So it's been a week since the movers came and went
And I would rather forget that day
But I will journal it this once
Then when Mark tells me he wants to move in a couple of years
I can reference this and say

I stood here in an empty house from the delivery window of 8-10am
Of course it was closer to the 10am end of the time frame
But they finally arrived

Mark had meetings to go to that day
Why on earth, you ask, one may schedule meetings on moving in day?

We had one blow up fight about it and then I tried to drop it

Luckily we found an hourly drop off day care for the boys so they spent several hours there that day
Otherwise, things would have been bad

I even tried to start unpacking but found that to be impossible since I was the only homeowner there
I had to direct traffic
This piece of furniture here
That box there

Finally the end of the truck was in site

Then the movers just had to put the beds back together
Screw legs on tables
The such
It was past the boys bedtimes by this point and we were all tired

It takes about 2 hours less to unload than load
but still a very long day

Then they drive away 
And leave you
with all the hard work
Un-packing Sucks

I did get the kitchen finished by the following day
And I am proud to say that 1 week later all the boxes are unpacked
Except the guest room
That doesn't count right?
You have to have 1 catch-all room until everything else is settled
Today I am starting on the hanging of pictures and displacing of knick knacks
I hope that I am successful in that

The cable people have been here 3 times, finally got it all worked out
The alarm people will be making their third visit today as well
I think I have been to Target,Walmart, and Lowes 15 times

My list of things/wants for decorating this place is quickly growing
My laundry piles are growing even faster

I will try to get it all done so I can share photos of the new casa

I really just wanted to sleep in this morning
Mark said he would let me
So sweet, love him
He took the big boys downstairs this morning
Left me feeding Christian
He did not move so quietly in the kitchen
And did not return soon enough to retrieve the baby
So, maybe tomorrow folks

Until then, it's at least a 2 diet coke kind of day


FROGGITY! said...


but your new digs look NICE! (from the kitchen photo)

good luck!!!!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Slowly but surely - I am proud of you! Only one room to go!

Sassafrass Jane said...

I want to see pics! The kitchen is beautiful- can't wait to see the rest. One week you unpacked everything?? Nice!

The Soladay Family said...

I am feeling your pain. Just think how much better you'll feel when it's all done. Baby steps.

Can't wait to see pics!