Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So we survived moving 'out' day. It took the movers 10 hours to load our stuff. You know what that tells me? That we have too much stuff.
Holy Toledo

We spent the night in the empty house that night. The boys slept on the floor and Mark and I used the blow up bed, with Precious of course. She just makes herself a spot right away. God love her! The next day the carpet cleaners came and the maid. Mark took care of that while I whisked the boys off for one final playdate. We were in OKC by dinner time.

I decided to embrace the town. You know, take the plunge, jump in with both feet (or however the saying goes). Edmond has a week long celebration for the 4th called Liberty Fest. It is actually ranked one of the top places to be in the country for the holiday. On Friday was "chalk it up".
Don't know if you can see it in the above pic, but the kids are each in a parking space for the chalk contest

 You could enter the sidewalk chalk coloring contest. We did not enter but went to watch. There was face painting and snow cones, a jump house. Just a few little things for the kiddos. It was fun. It made me feel good. 

Saturday we went to the parade. 

The whole town was there. Watching my 3 kids sit on the edge of the sidewalk (ok so just 2 of them were doing this) waving their little American flags really hit home for me. 

It's not like we couldn't have done something like this in Dallas, but it, too, was a nice feeling. It reminded me of the parade scene from that movie, "Sleeping with the Enemy", with Julia Roberts. Is that the right one?
Anyway, the parade was a bit cheesy but the hometown feeling was there.
And watching a July 4th parade in 75degree weather is nice too. That was not an OKC thing, but a mother nature thing. It rained most of the weekend. It kept us from going to the festivities and fire works the following evening. 
This was one of the silly entries in the parade, a bunch of old guys on 3 wheelers. I could not stop laughing at them. I am already putting together my dad's 4 wheeler routine for next year. He's WAY better than them!!!

I have always thought I wanted to raise my family in a smaller town like where I grew up. I certainly believe Edmond is that town. But now that I am there/here, I am second guessing myself. Am I too used to larger towns/suburbs. It's not like I lived in the city. I made a comment to Mark that I felt like I could leave the keys in the car or not lock the door in Edmond. He says he feels like he lives in a "far, far, far, north, north, north suburb of Dallas". Is that good or bad. How should one read into that comment?

But we did go to the zoo. Mark had not been yet, and since it was so cool, we took advantage. We went ahead and got our membership. There is still so much of it to explore.

She is my new favorite gorilla. We have the same matching saggy boobs. I will visit her every time I go. I have decided to call her Big Mamma, like me.

And even with the cooler weather, the bears were playing in the water. 
The boys got a kick out of that

We close tomorrow morning on the new house. We needed to get a cashiers check for the closing from our bank so I came back to Dallas to do that. We had some hotel points so I decided to stay the night and get a couple of playdates out of it. I think Mark was itching to get rid of us....2 adults, 3 boys, 2 dogs, 4 days of rain, and 700 square feet do not make a good combination.

This is one of our playdates
Lots of Fun

And I decided to give all 3 boys a bath together. I haven't really put Christian in with the big boys yet, but I was short on time and patience at the hotel, so I did.
And my sister is probably gagging right now at the thought of them sitting down in a hotel bath tub, but Sissy, it was fast. I washed their bottoms last and the got right out.

We stayed at the 'hotel,motel Holiday Inn'
I cannot say the name of the establishment without singing it like the song
They are usually nothing special, but this one was super nice.
It had a bar and restaurant and a really cool pool area. 
This might have to be where I stay when we come back for visits.

OK my friends....keep the Lenzer's in your prayers that closing goes smoothly tomorrow and the movers and our stuff arrives unscathed Friday.
Then the real fun begins for me!!! Lots of unpacking and organizing to do. And I am gonna do it right this time since I am not 9 months pregnant. I never felt settled in our previous home and I know that is why. 

Talk to you all soon!!!!


starnes family said...

Look at you!!!! So proud of you for jumping right in.

Love the stroller, by the way.

Dee Stephens said...

girlfriend!! you have been busy!! love that 4th of July parade and the picture of the boys in the tub!!
Good luck with the move!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Good luck with the close and unpacking! Wish I had some time off to come out there and help - me and my Type A personality are perfect for organizing! Too funny about the bathtub - I am the same way as Brandi! But special times call for special circumstances! I was cracking up over Big Mamma!

The Soladay Family said...

Yeah for you! You are almost there! You are truly an awesome mother for being able to handle all you have by yourself.

Love the pic of all three boys in the bath together. They'll be best friends for life. =)