Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arbuckle Wilderness

For our one outing over Spring Break, we ventured down south to the Arbuckle Wilderness, the drive through zoo that the boys and I had visited before. It is about halfway to the Big D, so it made the perfect meeting place for some of our Dallas besties. 

We met up with Bethany and her boys Ilan and Castel as well as  Sam and Reggie and their kiddos Ben and Sophia. That's alot of boys and 1 girl, in case you lost count.

We all loaded up in my car to start the drive. Notice BatMan, that's Castel...too cute! 

 Bethany drew the short straw and got stuck in the back with all the boys

 I love this place, getting to see all the animals so up close. Christian LOVED it too. He would have hung out the window the entire time if I let him.

 We had a picnic lunch after the drive and played for a while. We tried to get the kiddos to pose for a photo, but not everyone wanted to participate!
So glad we got there when we did. This was the line to get in when we were done! CRAZINESS!!
 After lunch we drove down the road to Turner Falls Park. Bethany and her boys did not make to that, they had to head back home. I had never been here before but Mark had taken Connor once and the pictures were gorgeous. We did not get to see the actual falls because Christian was snoozing and we would have had to park and walk a ways.

Instead we just parked and played in the water while Christian slept.

 We will definitely try this place again. It will make a great place to spend the day or even camp.

Did you go anywhere special over Spring Break?


starnes family said...

Never been to either place, but have heard they're wonderful!

Love the group pic of the kids. Pretty successful if you ask me!

NayNay said...

Chad went to youth camp at Turner Falls (it's like OK's premier Baptist camp of something). All I remember is him saying there were leeches in the water? Just sayin'! When you gonna get together with Meagan?