Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I'm here
I'm alive
I just have tons on my plate
And even more on my mind
(which I am not ready to share here yet)

So for now I will try and catch up
with the Lenzer happenings
All though
it's not much folks
Fair Warning on the Boredom

This past Saturday was nice weather
Colton had a birthday party at the zoo
Connor had his first soccer game of the spring season
Then we did some yard work
I had 3 little helpers on my job
For ever plant I got in the ground
(not naming any names)
got one pulled

Finally got them preoccupied for a bit

I ran out of flowers and cleaned the patio table
We opted for dinner outside
pizza and beer
we went all out
I really hope it doesn't freeze again
and kill everything I planted
I bought a few more flowers this morning
to finish off the 1 section I started
(3 more areas to go)

We have been to the zoo
several times in the last couple of weeks
The temperatures are up and down right now
So if it is a sunny day
We are there

Christian wants to walk
so we don't get very far inside the zoo

We have been spending lots of time
in the driveway
riding bikes and scooters and trikes

Mark just took the training wheels off of Connor's bike
so hopefully I will have news on the that to report soon
success news
not broken arm news

If I have to pick up all the food off the floor
one more time
From Christian dumping it
I might just put my head through the wall
I bought some straps to try and lock it up
They don't work
He just pulls harder
I bought storage bins with lids
(the shoebox type)
to put food in
hoping that would deter him
He gets the lids off

And he's obsessed with the mixer
Yes I still have an old school hand mixer
He drags this thing around everywhere

He has been entertaining himself more though
He, too, loves legos

He will play for 30 minutes sometimes

until he gets himself in a situation
that makes him mad
then he screams
he got on the windowsill and couldn't get down

I hope this video works
I seem to be having issues getting it to play here
But the big boys entertain me lots lately

That's most of what I have for now
We are on spring break this week
Have a few play dates planned
and hoping to meet some Dallas friends
halfway at the
Arbuckle Wilderness Drive thru zoo
Trying to finish preparing for vacation leaving next weekend
I don't think I have even posted about it
We are headed to San Diego and Disney Land
We are going to see Casey while we are there
And meeting up with my fave cous Cindy at Disney
our kids have never met
so I cannot wait

Let's try this video
Connor reading like a champ

Connor turns 5 while we are on vacation
4 was really hard for me
I thought 5 would be no big deal
but now that it is approaching
kind of hard
Every day he seems bigger and smarter
I love that boy

Oh yeah
Christian's off the boob
He just stopped
The other night he woke up with a tummy ache
and it was the only time he asked for "boobie"

my friends
(let me know if the videos work)


Dee Stephens said...

Hey! I can't see videos here at work so no clue.
The picture of the boys in the sandbox should be your new blog header.
Have fun in Disney! That should be great fun!
Hope you're doing well!

Momma to the A's said...

I could see the videos! Wow, Connor way to go buddy!! That is some awesome reading!! Love the Pledge ... so sweet! We love the zoo too! I am going to miss not having one within a 15 minute drive. We spent a good amount of our summer at the Calgary Zoo. Love all the stuff Christian gets into! Cute cute cute boys!