Monday, March 21, 2011

Laundry Anyone?

On top of my regular washing, I am preparing for a trip and spring. That means I had to locate the box that was MIA that had Christian's next size spring clothes and I am trying to wash, ahead of my normal washing schedule, what I need to pack. Lucky for me I have a helper.

It is 4 days until vacation. I am very excited. The boys are crazy excited. And we, as parents, are certainly taking advantage of this feeling. Every bad behavior is followed by the "you're not going" threat. Hey, don't judge's kind of working!
I am 90% complete on packing the big boys. Tomorrow I will finish their things and move on to mine. I have purchased $20 worth of Dollar Store crap to entertain the boys on the long plane ride. I would like to get the house cleaned so we can come home to a tidy place. I always feel like the house feels stuffy and musty after several days of being empty and extra dust makes it worse.

I need to finish Connor's birthday invitations tonights. (When we return home next week I will finish planning and preparing for the big LEGO bash). I am making his invites myself and I must say I'm pretty proud of myself.

And one BIG BIG decision has to be made this week. Here is where I need some help bloggie friends-
Kindergarten registration is next week. You have the opportunity to request a teacher and AM/PM session. Your request is not guaranteed but not the less, worth a shot. I have done my research on the teachers and I know which one I will ask for Connor to have. But the time, I cannot decide. Currently Connor is in the afternoon pre-K class. And I have bitched and moaned since August about it. However, we are sort of used to the schedule now. So do I rock the boat and try the morning? Here are my thoughts....
Morning is from 8:30-11am everyday. Colton will be in school on Tuesday's and Thursday's. That would leave me M,W,F to have some (sort of ) one on one time with him. Then after I pick up Connor the little one's will nap and I would (theoretically) have some one on one time with Connor. Now truth be told on that, nap time is my quiet time too and my clean up time a little bit as well. The good is Christian could go to nap early and sleep later if need be. As it stands now, I have to keep him awake and often have to wake him up to leave to go pick up someone. The bad part is there would be no time for the family fun things like zoo visits.
Afternoon class is from 12:30-3pm. I could have some one on one time with Connor (and Christian) on Thursdays while Colton is in school. All 3 boys will actually be in a program on Tuesdays so that I can have some "me" time. I would never really get one on one time with Colton with this schedule. It would be the same for Christian and his napping but he is getting older so maybe he will continue to work with this schedule. And, as mentioned earlier, we will have time for morning outings. Plus we do like our AM swimming lessons.
I don't know what to do!!! Please give me your opinion! THANKS!

And on a final note....
I love ziploc bags. I use them in the kitchen on a daily basis. They are great for toting around the boys "spare" clothes and then you have somewhere to put the dirties when you change. They have saved my clothes in the suitcase on more than one occasion when a lotion bottle has leaked. It must run in the family.

 Connor is obsessed. I find baggies, big and small, full of crap toys everywhere.  He totes a bag of around everywhere.everyday. I think it's kind of cute. I guess it's a possession thing at this age? I find it funny....until I go to get myself a ziploc and the box is EMPTY!!!

Tomorrow is check ups at the DR for Connor and Christian. I think we are on a no-shot visit, here's hoping!


starnes family said...

We requested Kindergarten for Jack. Most people seem to prefer Morning. Not the norm, I guess.

Can't wait to see you! I sent the boys a Mickey Mouse postcard. Hope it arrives in time before you go!

Dee Stephens said...

I'm no expert with schedules but I think I would choose the one that allows the afternoon visits to the zoo, etc.
Those are memories the boys will remember.
The'you' time might be something you need to though?
I'm obsessed with ziplocs too. I have a friend that is so enviromental that she actually washes her and reuses them! I'm not much for that.
Have fun in CA! Can't wait to see your pictureS!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

We have full day so I am no help! I can't wait to see you cous! Only a couple more days .... woo hoo the count down is on.