Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Boy Talk

Connor: Mom! Colton is coffee-ing me
Me: what?
Connor: Colton won't stop coffee-ing me
Me: You me copying?
Connor: Yes, he wants to coffee everything I do
Check out Connor's new flip flops
He has never had them before because he has wide feet, but we just found these that run a little wide. And they are Star Wars which makes them even cooler! He slept in them for 2 days! 
(can't remember if I told this story or not)

Christian: Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
That's all he says, every time he hears a door open
I'm jealous

(phrase of the week)
"no way jose"
Me: Colton, want to go to the gym?
Colton: no way jose
Me: Colton, wanna go potty?
Colton: no way jose
Me: Colton, pick up your shoes please
Colton: no way jose
(you get the idea)

Me -to Mark:
Look at Connor, can you believe 5 years ago we were planning to bring home our first little baby. Now look at him. He reads and rides a bike and TALKS BACK
Connor: I DON'T talk back to you
Me & Mark: (laughing) of course not Connor

With 3 boys one who is 5(almost0 going on 15, one with middle child syndrome, and one babbling-there  is NEVER a quiet moment in my house. I giggle to myself about the fact Colton use to be in speech therapy for delayed speech. And Connor has to sit with the timer on sometimes so I can have a quiet moment. Now we call the big boys Pete and Re-peat. What ever Connor says, Colton says.

Hope they gave you a smile this week!


starnes family said...

We're getting a lot of "no way jose" lately, too.

Love your boys! Can't wait to see them.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love Pete and Re-Pete! Can't wait to see you!!