Monday, May 23, 2011

Game Day

Connor's first....
He had his very first GAME DAY at school a couple of weeks ago. While it was very different than the field days of my time, he had a blast. I was thinking potato sack races and running with eggs on spoons while all the parents stand on the side cheering the kids on. The week before the kids would work on the class T shirts that everyone would wear that hot sun shiny day and then get popsicle drippings all over it, but who would care because you would wear your prize ribbon over the stains! Well, OKC doesn't do it old school like that.

Theirs was planned in the school gym. It turned out to be a good thing since the previous day it poured so the ground was soaked! They did it over 2 days and by grade. We ended up with a couple of first grade classes though.

Most of these photos involve Con and his 2 best buddies, Andrew and Camden. Here they are golfing.

 And tug of war was a hit. Connor lost this match against Camden, but it was not fair ground. Camden stands several inches taller and has at least 12 pounds on him.

 A little more equally matched against Andrew. All in good fun though.

Along with this racing game, there was basketball, ping pong, climbing a rope, hockey, and balancing on some half ball thing. It was fun for the kids and less than an hour.

The best game was this:

I am thinking a couple of tires in my backyard and some bolster pillows and I could put an end to any argument Connor and Colton have this summer?!

And my game....
Saturday night Mark and I had GREAT tickets to the MAVS/thunder play off game. His boss has season tickets and some fantastic seats. I was torn about who to cheer FAVE city or my new city.

I chose the MAVS! Mark and I were 2 of 10 people Dallas fans in the entire freaking place!
NO JOKE! Every person received a Thunder T-shirt and towel, so at least I was prepared in case the game went bad. It was a win-win for me. I couldn't loose and I the t-shirt to prove it.

 Hanson sang the National Anthem. Does anybody remember them? They were a teeny-bopper group about a decade ago. I did not know they were still around. Well, obviously not if they are singing basket ball games. But apparently they are from Oklahoma. Who knew? Not me for sure. But they did a wonderful job.

 Oh, but I didn't need that stupid thunder shirt! MAVS won!! It made the long walk back to the car much nicer.
 I must say though, I would happily cheer for the Thunder when they are not playing the MAVS. Those are some serious fans.

Mark was suppose to go back to tonight's game, but he hasn't been feeling well. I know it must be bad since he gave up his ticket. Must be why they are not in the lead.



starnes family said...

How fun! Glad you got to get out with Mark. Cute picture of yall!

Sara said...

Yay Mavs!!! So glad you decided to cheer for them :) At least you didn't have to wear different colors since the Thunder and Mavs are the same. It makes it very confusing for me. I keep cheering for the wrong team at the wrong time.

Good date night!!!

So, this is the new "field" day?? Interesting. I remember 3-legged races, egg tosses and tug of war. Golf??? Hmmm.... looks like the kiddos had a blast though!

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Great date night cous!! Our field day is still old school but they do have those rolling cart things.

Dee Stephens said...

I always hated field days. I was not athletic at all.
I was a dancer and a priss. I'm more athletic now and that's not say much.
Fun date night is right! I remember after Katrina that the Hornets moved up to OKC and they almost moved there.
That's how the Thunder came to be.
I'm not a huge basketball fan but Brad and I hit up a Bobcats game every now and then.