Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

While Memorial Day is not the official start of summer, it is certainly the symbolic one. And as if Mother Nature knew exactly what day it was, the heat came. We have had quite a pleasant May and spring. There have been a few hot days in there but overall very nice. Now the 7 day forecast is nothing but 90's and a big bright sun. Makes me really want a pool, a private pool in my very own back yard because I will not be seen in public in a bathing suit...no way, now how, not gonna happen!

Our friends came up from Dallas for the weekend. We have had 1 family of visitors before, but this was our first house stayers. So Mark and I each did our share of cleaning up Thursday to welcome Amy, Linda,   Big D, and Darren & Tanya on Friday. They (and Mark) had big baseball plans that afternoon. They all made it back to the house that evening and the dominoes began. DOMINOES! It is certainly our favorite pastime.

Saturday morning we all went to the OKC bombing memorial. We have lived here for almost a year and have never been. It was beautiful and very moving. I remember it happening, but not being from here, you tend to forget about it, about how tragic it really was. I think the site really honored those people who lost their lives that sad day. If you are ever in OKC or just passing through, you must go visit.

After that, the gang went back for more baseball. I guess they did not get enough sun and beer the day before. They rejoined me that evening again for more fun and games. This time took it outside a bit for a round of boccie ball.

And inside a bit of Taboo!

And of course....

All of our friends headed back south Sunday morning. We spent the rest of the day doing a lot of nothing. I did sneak off to a movie during nap time. I saw Bridesmaids. From all of the previews I had seen, I thought it looked ridiculously stupid and certainly one of those movies I could REDBOX later. But everyone has been talking about it, so I went. I have not laughed so hard. SERIOUSLY if you haven't seen it, please go. I would see it again, that's how hilarious it was.

Monday I wanted to take a picnic to the lake. Couldn't quite convince Mark of that one, so we opted for the science museum instead. Love that place. I could spend hours there, and we will because it is just about too hot for the zoo now.
 There is certainly something for everyone here

 This used to be the world's largest indoor spiral slide
but the sign was gone
so I'm guessing it's not the largest anymore

 But just ask Mark
it's definitely big enough
he was dizzy when he got down
and Christian had the drunk walk

Monday night we grilled burgers and ate the official summer fruit WATERMELON! And I had a relaxing evening while I worked on some of summer schedule plans. Got to keep those kids entertained!!! Mark finished up the laundry, did the dishes, and put the boys to bed. What do you think about that ladies???

Hope your weekend and kick off to summer was great! Thank you to all the soldiers and their families who do and who have sacrificed their lives for us! HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

We are getting ready for more visitors today, Connor's buddy Ben from TX! More on that later.


Amy S said...

Thanks for having us! We had a great time!

Dee Stephens said...

I have always wanted to see the Memorial and we were going to see Bridesmaids last night but got home too late.
Looks hysterical.

starnes family said...

The Memorial is very moving. Very well done.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Wow, the Memorial is so cool- glad you went. A true Americana.
Love all the pics of the boys! They are so big!!! And cute :)

Sara said...

Busy and fun weekend!! I'd love to go see the Memorial one day. Very moving, I'm sure.

I've got to go see Bridesmaids. Maybe I can slip away this weekend!

I wanna go down that slide!! How fun!