Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What's UP?!?!

I have so many posts ideas in my head, but haven't seemed to have the desire to get on the computer lately. Sometimes it seems to take an entire hour to do one entry. I will often put the little boys down for their nap and stop off at the kitchen table, AKA my desk, to check email. And before you know it, it's time to leave to pick Con up from school. But try to work out and the hundred jumping jacks feel like they are taking a freaking lifetime!

I guess I will start with today's news...
The big boys had dentist check ups today. It was Colton's first visit. He did surprisingly well. Con, of course, walked right in, sat in the chair, did his thing. I never heard a peep from him. Sometimes I swear that kid doesn't need me. But I guess you are forced into independence when your mom keeps having babies! Anyway, it was a new dentist for us. And he had some very high standards to live up too, as we had the BEST in TX! But he was nice and the staff was very into boys. The good news is that it appears that one of Connor's missing permanent teeth may have formed. I'm no dental expert, but I really wasn't convinced. It kindof looked like a blur on the x-ray. So we shall see. Saving money now for the implants he is going to need. And it is slightly possible that Christian has missing baby teeth. It is obviously genetic! But YAY! no cavities!!!!

Our TX home is officially back on the market, as of yesterday. We have had 2 showings. Of course showings never were the problem. The house backs up to a big street and it really deters potential buyers. So lots of prayers for a quick sale or lease...please!

I really want a bike, which would mean I also want a trailer for the kids to ride in. And one of those little bikes that attaches to your bike for Connor. I have these really great visions of family rides on Saturday mornings. Or me riding the little boys when Connor is off playing. He could go along with us on his bike, but Mark took his training wheels off and he's not to interested in learning to ride. If he could get it figured out in 1 afternoon, that would be cool with him. But after 3 minutes of trying-he's had enough. I have not been on a bike in years. I hope that old saying is true...that you never forget.

I really really  need my hairs did! The greys are getting out of control again. I also totally want to cut my hair off, but I am not so sure I could live without my super stylish ponytail in the summer.

Our relaxing summer has turned into a busy June with friend's visiting, travel to the folks house, swim lessons for Colton and tennis lessons for Connor and a week of zoo camp for Connor also. Now I am looking forward to July.

I have been "dieting" for 2 weeks now. Eating no more than 1200 calories a day. I have been trying to work out more consistently. The first week went great, but the last week was nearly impossible to get to the gym. Someone was sick everyday. And that's my excuse not to do it. I could just as easily do stuff at home, but then I don't. So I have really only lost about 2 pounds in the 2 weeks. It is so discouraging.

I have been on the flip flop mission for months now, started it back before our vacation in March. I have been sporting the same UGLY croc flip flops for about 4 or 5 years now. They are so freaking comfortable that I can not give them up. I need a sandal that I can literally chase the kids in. I do keep nicer shoes for "outings" but wear these every.single.day. I did not want to buy another pair because I will admit they are tacky. I have shopped for, tried on, and even purchased several pair. But they seem to hit my foot wrong or rub it a weird way. I most recently ordered a pair of Keen. I loved the colors. The sole was gray and the straps a fun stripe with lots of colors. When they arrived, I loved the feel. It was a great fit to my foot and I knew I would be able to wear it all day long. But Keen's have this weird part that covers your big toe. I did not think I could used to that. So they will be going back and I am back to square one. I have already placed an order from Land's End, so maybe those will work out.  Do you have any favorite basic thongs?

That's my story folks.....
kind of boring here in OKC! Thinking about the zoo tomorrow before the rain gets here.



Dee Stephens said...

I have visions of riding bikes as a family too.
Maybe one day!
I have Keens and love them but I don't wear them ALL the time. At the lake/in the lake/running arounds but they're not that fashionable.
To be honest the most comfortable pair of flip flips I have(but only wear in the house)are a pair of Shape Ups that my Mom bought me.
No kidding comfortable as all get out!!
Good luck with the weight! I'm right there with you! Such a struggle!

Pat said...

I love my Yellow Box and my Shape Ups (sketchers) Guess you can try them out when you come home.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Preaching to the choir sister on the weight thing ... ugh! I wear to Havainnas flip flops and love them. No support at all but I love them anyway. I had a couple pair of crocs flip flops and liked them too - just buy another pair!

starnes family said...

I am flip flop shopping, too! My Rainbows are about to give out after over 3 years of day-to-day wear. It's time!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I am right there with ya on comfy summer shoes. I love my reefs but by the end of the day my feet are tired!
I definitely notice a difference when I wear my tennis shoes all day over my flip flops!