Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby C update

Well I am STILL prego!!!!
The pregnancy is my excuse for being a little MIA in recent days from blog-land. Not that I am tired, but seriously stressed. I can't quite seem to get my thoughts in order, even enough to get them typed out. I don't even know that I can now, so this may be just a bunch of non-sense rambling (more so to myself than to any reader).
Let me first just say that there are NO more pictures. The sight of me is just darn SCARY!! My face is as round and fat as a beach ball. But I guess it balances out my double beach ball butt. The next 9 months of loosing all this weight, plus the left overs from Colton that I never lost, ought to be real fun! Yeah for me!
OK, so my stresses....where to begin. The last week and a half has been all about getting ready. I have washed car seat covers, swing covers, carriers, blankets, and what-not. I have mostly got everything put back together. Some of that crap is tricky and it has been almost 2 years since I have used it. All of this is a slow process because after a load or two, or half a project, I am tired. Or I have to go break up a fight or listen to a whiny kid, but that is a whole other stress issue!
This week I am stressing about my parents coming. Is everything clean enough? Did I wash the guest room sheets yet? Plus I have dogs and they don't and I know that grosses them out. My mom keeps a much cleaner house than I do. I have quite the "daddy do" list going, which I always feel guilty about because Pops needs a break. But lets face it, my honey can't really "do" that much on my list. I scheduled the exterminator, but did not get the carpets cleaned. I had every intention of getting a plumber here this week, but failed there too. I am going to be tired and moody, so I hope I can be nice. I get cabin fever easily, and will being in the house for almost 2 weeks straight is sure to add to my moodiness.
Today I am stressing about finishing everything. I woke up in a cleaning mood, but the boys did not. Connor has a bit of a snotty nose so I can't take them to daycare. I gave them a new toy this morning which entertained them long enough for me to get dressed and change my bedding. When they were bored with that, the box kept them busy so i could vacuum my room. Mark is out of town for the rest of the week, so I won't get much done at night. He has been great about coming home and doing bedtime so that I can either do a small project or rest (OK so it's mostly rest because I am very tired by 7pm). I have to work on Saturday and maybe on Sunday. If not, I need him to get the Christmas stuff out of the attic and help me put that up. I have to make a big grocery store visit to stock up. Monday the boys have a Thanksgiving program at school, so that will take up the most of the day. Mark has to miss it to go to Oklahoma for a meeting. Then Tuesday I want to do something special with the boys. Mark will be off that day so we can have some good family time before all the last minute packing and cleaning. Somewhere in there I want to get 1 last pedicure!!
I just got off the phone with the folks from anesthesia at the hospital. They told me I was having a block (slightly different from an epidural) and it gets put in your back once you get into the OR versus in your pre-op room. That sounds very intimidating to me!! So, now add surgery panic to my list of stresses. I have tried not to think about that too much. I seriously almost cried on the phone with the nurse. I hate hospitals and tend to freak out in the operating room. I have a hard time breathing laying flat on my back and add being strapped to a table to that....freaky! Plus being awake, even numb, while they cut you open plays some nasty tricks on your mind. Mark does not get that. It has been the cause of fights, twice now, because he believes I am out of it. So I am not looking forward to argument number 3 when he won't talk Hollywood gossip with me while the doctor's do their thing so that my mind is preoccupied with mindless BS instead of what is happening behind the curtain!
OK, so enough of my complaining. The boys are almost done eating lunch so once I get them down for naps, I MUST MUST MUST clean my floors. They are some kind of nasty!!!! I do have lots to blog about, so I will try and catch up soon.


starnes family said...

Try to breathe and enjoy this last bit of time!

Deelsu said...

WOW girl! You have a lot going on..take a deep breath and enjoy yourself while the grandparents are in town.
Just Christmas you'll have another little man in the house :)
What's the latest on names?? did you find one with the same initials?