Monday, November 23, 2009

Check (LIST), Please

Had a slow morning today since we did not have to rush out of the house by 8:05am for the gym (on gym leave for a couple of weeks, darn it-hate it when I have to miss the gym-yeah right!), but suddenly realized it was 9am and we did have to leave shortly there after!

Dropped the boys off at preschool at 9:30 (ran my mouth way too long for a mom with a to-do list)-CHECK

Drove back up towards the house to China Town for a mani/pedi (Hey I have my priorities) and it didn't matter that I talked too much, it did not open until 10am (guess it's only 9 on Saturdays)-CHECK

Went to Kohl's to look for a robe for the hospital, they did not have what I am looking for but just for looking-CHECK

Went back to the boys school for their Thanksgiving Day skit and lunch-CHECK

Left school and headed to Costco for a few items including a book to read just in case I have a free moment and to see about a robe-CHECK

Struggled through Costco, I am either having some mild contractions or this baby is lost (there is only one way out kiddo), but either way it doesn't matter. I have stuff to do-CHECK

Did not get gas first, so of course I forgot it when I left (I get gas every Monday how could I forget)- no CHECK

Stopped by the house to drop off my few things (no robe though)-CHECK

Went to Target to look for yet another robe (does it really matter at this point) and to look for a small Christmas tree for the boys room (Connor asked for one so I wanted to get it, but don't tell Mark-he says we have a small one in the attic we could use, which we do, but it is 8 years old and was a cheap piece of poo when he bought it back then, but he won't through it away. I will trade it out on trash day)-CHECK

No Christmas tree, but I did find a robe ( not exactly what I want but it was clearance for $6 and got some "CARS" tattoos in the dollar spot for the stockings)-BONUS CHECK

Headed back to school to pick up the boys-CHECK

Dropped boys off at the hourly daycare so I could get a few more things done-CHECK

Made it home, did not pass go, did not collect $200-headed straight up the stairs to get the dirty laundry-CHECK

Packed up the remaining fall decor-

Started 2nd load of laundry-CHECK
Put the baby's carseat back together after washing the cover (at least I hope it is right, a man must have designed that because a mom would have made it WAY easier)-CHECK

Cleaned my room, got it baby ready-CHECK

Sort of sorted the rest of the Christmas decor so my mom can finish-CHECK (sort of?)

Started dinner so I can feed the boys in the car-CHECK

Turned on the computer so I could get Cindy's address to mail her birthday card and read an email which made me shed a tear-freaking hormones!-CHECK

Unloaded the piece of crap dishwasher that nearly falls out when you open it and reloaded it with breakfast dishes and tidyed the kitchen up-CHECK

Went to pick up the boys from daycare and fed them dinner in the car-CHECK

Took Connor to Tiny Tigers class (now on M/W instead of T/T but not sure how this is gonna work, makes for a long day for Connor)-CHECK

Came home, fed the boys more because they were still hungry-CHECK

Gave them a "wipey" bath because I was too worn out to deal with a bath-CHECK

Put Colton to bed-CHECK

Put Connor to bed-CHECK

Started another load of laundry-CHECK

Put Connor to bed, again!-CHECK

Cleaned up the kitchen again-CHECK

Talked to Mark on the phone while he is driving home from Oklahoma-CHECK

Put Connor to bed again, threatened him with his life-CHECK,CHECK

Type this post-CHECK-well almost

Gonna fold a load of laundry and call it a day-CHECK-hopefully


starnes family said...

Isn't it amazing what you do in a day?! Hang in there.......soon enough, you'll have this baby and a few days in the hospital to sleep. Then, none for 18 years. :)

Deelsu said...

WOW! a lot done! Have a Happy Turkey Day and good luck if that baby comes during this time!

The Soladay Family said...

I am very impressed! YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!