Thursday, November 19, 2009

What to Buy

I have saved enough PB paychecks and birthday money to buy something good. Problem is I am torn about what to get. I can either buy:
-Part 1 of the camera I want (I say part because there will be additional lenses and what-not that will have to be added later)
-Leather Ottoman coffee table I want for the family room (I really want to get this while I work at PB incase I can't/don't go back to work)
-A new stroller (I think this is my last choice because I do have one that will work for now and I can continue to save for this)
-Or I could easily spend the money on knick-knacks for the house-there are several pieces of decorative accessories I want not to mention I EVERY YEAR I want a new tree and new Christmas decor
So please cast your vote and help me decide!!!!


starnes family said...

All of your options sound good, but I'm a stroller snob......a good one will make all the difference with 3 boys. That's my vote!

Deelsu said...

camera or a stroller if the stroller especially if it will make your life a lot easier?
The rest of it can wait.

Donatelli98 said...

I vote for the camera ... you will get so much use out of it (plus I am voting for it because I want a new one too). What day is baby C coming? Wednesday???? Tell your mom to call me when he arrives!

Emily Fern said...

I vote camera! I can't get enough of mine I love pictures. You will be able to capture more memories to post on your blog!!