Friday, November 6, 2009

Safety First

Our house has a LOT of tile! This could be good or bad. Good for little boys and their bikes, who have quite the path to drive around (far more than just around the kitchen island or table). Bad for ME who has to vacuum and mop it-almost daily. Even worse because it is white. Who in their right mind puts almost 500 square feet of white tile in a house??? Let me answer would be a MAN. Did I mention it even has white grout, well it's suppose to be white grout. I recently had it professionally cleaned, even made then come back and redo it....such a waist of money. I should just have it re grouted or better yet ripped up! But the tile itself is a whole other post, I am getting side tracked now.
This is about safety and how the boys love helmets. Connor has to wear one when he rides his bike. The bike now stays outside, but the helmet always ends up inside. Colton has taken it over. Lucky for him, he is getting one for Christmas that is his size.
Connor outside with neighbor Milla proudly wearing his

Notice Colton has it on here, not Connor who is standing on top of a slide in the background, no doubt getting ready to jump off!

So it really doesn't do any good when it is not buckled

Or if it doesn't fit

Or if it is on backwards

Clearly not safe here...for several reasons

Connor sort of has the helmet on-too bad the Spider Man mask is on sideways so he can NOT see a thing!!

I was too busy laughing at him to be concerned. He's pretty close to the ground, how hurt could he really get right?!

I am not even going to comment on this one!
OK, 1 comment....
I do try and stop this action-too scary even for me!


starnes family said...

Good for you with the helmets. We have a rule....if it has wheels, you have a helmet on. That way, we don't have to distinguish between big wheels and scooters and trikes and bikes and Lord knows what else.

They are so cute!!!!!!!

Deelsu said...

The spiderman is the BEST!