Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween's Past

Connor's 1st-my little baldy...I think he looks just the same now but with hair
Connor was a shark. And I remember thinking when I bought that costume that the prices were ridiculous (and I only paid $24, which is nothing compared to alot).

Connor was a Spider but even then wanted to be SpiderMan

Connor's 1st choice this year was a FireMan
Colton's 1st Halloween-you guessed it-a shark

I can't wait to see what the boys pick out for themselves next year. But I can almost guarantee that Baby C will be a.....SHARK!!


starnes family said...

LOVE the it. One of the cutest baby costumes I've ever seen! Great post.....such good memories you're creating!

Deelsu said...

I'm all about repurpose too! Shark it is!
The the best! He looks too cute for words!