Thursday, December 25, 2008


On Friday night Mark and I took the boys to drive through Deerfield neighborhood to look at all the Chrismas lights. Just this year Deerfield subdivision in Plano made it on The Today Show for it's light spectacular! It seems nearly everyone participates. They have horse drawn carriages that will take you through or you can just drive. We went early but there is usually a line to turn in to the entrance. For anyone who lives in the Dallas area, if you have not seen this, it is a MUST! We absolutely love the houses and would love to live in this neighboorhood. We better start some serious collecting of decor if we ever intend on making that dream a reality.Maybe we could do a Sooner theme. Some people just did the average lights in trees or down the pathway. The winner had a Santa there and the entire house covered in lights that you tuned in your radio to and the lights flickered to the tunes. What an amazing show.

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