Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Clause

I took the boys to see Santa on Thursday. I had intended to go to the Galleria because that is where I have taken Connor the last 2 years and the Santa there is really great. Plus it is set up right outside of The Limited, bonus for mom!! We loaded the car after getting a late start, Connor was cranky, it was foggy and raining and to really make me look forward to the trip, the Tollway was moving at a snail's pace. So I bailed off and we went to Willow Bend Mall. Santa's workshop is set up like the Polar Express there. It even snowed on you while you were in line. We were #3 for the meet and greet but it was Colton's snack time. He could have cared less what was going on because he had his "ba ba" full of milk. We tried a couple of times to take it away for just a minute to get a picture and he wailed! Santa ended up pulling it out of his mouth right on Mrs. Clause's count of three, so the picture was snapped before a mad face could form. And just as quickly he returned the bottle. Something tells me he has lots of practice with such things. Connor did OK with him. He was not scared this year. He told SC that he wanted cars and trains. Good thing I coached him on what to say to the big man in red.

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