Saturday, December 27, 2008


Santa certainly found his way to moms and pops' house for the Lenzer boys' Christmas. Connor received a parking garage, doctor's kit, and fire truck from the jolly ol' man. Colton got a slide, a ball popper, and an alligator xylophone. He was still a little too young to get into the excitement, but I will say the ball popper was a hit!! Thanks SC!

The last month, Connor has talked non-stop about Christmas. He was ready for Santa to come and bring him new toys. And I must admit I took full advantage of the "Santa threats". You know the ones.... if you don't stop that now, I'm gonna call Santa and tell him you are not listening to mommy. Boy do I love the holidays. Connor saw him twice, once at the mall and he also visited at his school. He was OK with him as long as he did not have to get on his sleigh.

Sissy, Tommy, KK, and Thomas came over later in the morning as well as granny and mawmaw. We had the traditional lunch(ham, dressing of which I am going to have to learn to make, green beans, mashed potatoes) and then the kids opened more presents. What a sight it was. I think Thomas and Connor had to be two of the most excited kids I have ever seen.

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