Sunday, April 10, 2011

Boy Talk

I have lots of funny sayings to share this round
Mostly from this guy
So let's get started.....

Connor is all about time lately. The hour anyway, minutes are still way out of his grasp
He asks What o'clock is it?

While playing in the front yard with Colton
He says places everyone
He was trying to boss Colton around, with out much success.

We have been attending our weekly soccer practices without a smile on our faces! At the beginning and end of practice is some stretches and sprinting. He may not be a future soccer star, but he does try to teach his little brother what he has learned. As the big boys trot across the yard, Connor says to me
Momma, we are jugging!
Me-you mean JOGGING?
As the exercise continues Connor tells me they are doing "jubling jacks"

Later they are in the driveway. Connor is leading the stretch routine. Bending over, hands on the ground, counting to 5-that sort of thing.
Me-You boys exercising?
Connor-no, we are energizing
Me-that will work too

Connor and Colton are eating breakfast. Colton, in true little brother fashion, is annoying the ever living crap out of Connor...making faces, screaming, anything to get a fuss out of Con. Connor is yelling back for him to STOP IT!
I tell Connor to ignore him.
Con-what does that mean
Me-pretend he is a ghost
Con-that's an unmannerly ghost!
Me-it sure is

While on vacation, we see a man with a chiwawa dog. (and of all things he was wearing a 'handicap helper' type vest, the dog not the man. Now what kind of help is a freaking chiwawa to anyone who needs aid? just wondering)
Connor watches the dog

Con-Mamma, that's not a dog that's a chiwawa
Me-Connor, you are right about that!

We gave Connor the Lego City Police Station for his birthday. As he opened it:

Hope you enjoyed these little phrases and maybe my boys made you smile today


Dee Stephens said...

I bet he's a therapy dog. Cute sayings..
Last night during the storm my MIL said Paige was holding her ears saying 'I don't like funderstorms'. :) me either!

The Soladay Family said...

Where do I begin?

I love that you record these things.