Monday, April 25, 2011


I heart Easter
I really do
For the meaning of the occasion
and the bunny helps too
I heart bunnies too
It's probably a good thing I have boys
Remember how important the Easter dress was
Do people still do that?
I went through such a long
"non church" phase
when I was single 
now I'm too fat to dress up 
but one day soon
I learned after about 2 years 
that I would not spend that much money on my boys
for 1 outfit
now they do polos and khaki shorts
(pants this year)
or "tacky" shorts 
as Connor said

On Saturday we baked our Easter cake
Colton helped me make it

And Christian helped me clean up
He got the better job

Then we dyed our eggs

Then "someone" smashed half of them
because he thought they were "ba"
translated ball

Here is our Easter peeps cake
idea courtesy of my fave cous Cindy
we only had about 4 peeps worth 
before the dog ate it
That's right folks
right up on the kitchen table and ate the whole freaking thing
I think his stomach still hurts
there's one way to stick to your diet

Then we had our neighborhood EE hunt
complete with a weird tutu wearing girl bunny

Christian couldn't get away fast enough

Easter Morning
next year we will hunt for the hidden real eggs
the baskets

 An attempt at a photo before church
no such luck

We had a very rainy Easter Sunday
which was great
we skipped our neighbors EE hunt
and finger painted instead
 (notice connor's 7 year old looking haircut above)

Then with our cabin fever
we went out for mexican for dinner

In other news:
I redboxed a movie this weekend
The Fighter
I know I am very behind on my movies
it was great
worth the buck


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Your cake turned out great - sorry you didn't get to enjoy it. My girls get new Easter dresses every year but I do my best to buy them on sale and then they wear them all summer to church. Love Connor's hair! He looks so grown up!

Dee Stephens said...

So may things in this post!
* Your boys all look so different..hysterical.
* Can't believe the dog at the cake.
* We need to go to church. Brad says when I get knocked up we will.
* You guys hide real eggs? My rents never did that.
* Love the boys chairs. Paige and Reed have theirs too.
***say a prayer for me this week and next friend****

Making It Work Mom said...

Your boys are so cute.
Your cake was cute too until the dog ate it!
I refused to buy an Easter dress for my 11 year old this year becuase I knew shewould never wear it again!

Momma to the A's said...

I buy Easter dresses for my girls each year. They hang in the closet and don't get worn until Easter morning. My girls are pretty girly girl so they were so excited to finally get to wear their dresses. I try and buy ones that they can then wear all summer long to church.

The cake looked great! Sorry the dog got it! I bet he was sorry he did that!

Looks like the boys had a great time at the EE hunt! Love those smiles!

Glad you all had a nice Easter!

starnes family said...

The Fighter was awesome.

I, too, tried to make the Peep cake, but my kids at them instead of the dog!

7 year old haircut, indeed.

LOVE Christian trying to get away from the bunny. So cute.

NayNay said...

I bought my bebe girls smocked Easter dresses (got awesome deals on Zulily) and they looked so cute but it is still amazing to me to see people wearing jeans to church on Easter Sunday! Really people, one day out of the year?
Better hurry if you're gonna connect with M., she's got 4 weeks left before our precious boy is here! I'll be up in June to help for a week, maybe we can plan lunch?

Jeff said...

When we were at Church on Sunday.....I lean over and tell Michael...if there is ever a reason to have a little's Easter and Christmas. Cute little frilly dresses for Easter and a velvet dress for Christmas! you khakies and a polo!