Thursday, April 21, 2011

Run for Your Life


Don't worry mommy
It's just me
I was scared
were you?

This is just how the 
Lenzer  boys entertain themselves
 He can now climb onto the counter
via the step stool
and says
which translates into
 don't knock my shell sink
the 80's rocked
and don't knock my mothering either
I was sitting there
since I was snapping pictures
and the hot water on this sink doesn't work
so he was safe

And the big boys were playing
Colton was pilot this go round

We ventured out to the mall this week 
we almost missed our annual 
Easter Bunny photo
Good thing I remembered

I used to go to the mall
when we lived in TX
we would play
stroll around
have lunch
ride the carousel
always with friends
seemed like a good meeting place
especially in the heat of the summer
not so much
the mall selection is terrible
so I was dreading this trip
and once there
I quickly remembered why

I planned to be there right at 10
when the stores opened 
and the EB arrived
take a quick photo
make 1 return to Macy's 
and if the boys were good
a 5 minute stop at the LEGO store
(I needed to pick up a Lego for their baskets too)

We arrived at 10
only to discover
the lazy EB doesn't start work until 11
no worries
errands first
Christian needed shoes 
I had used the last of my powder that morning
Stride Rite is right next door to Bare Essentials
Down to Macy's for my return
score! again
the Lego store is right by Macy's
While leaving the Lego store at 10:55
Colton announces he has to pee
We run to the bathroom
which is
score! again
right by the EB
we all pee
and then I notice Colton's pants are wet
He obviously peed 
 and not all of it made it to the potty
Back down to GAP
for a pair of shorts
Change Colton in the middle of the mall
tell him not to pull of the tag
because of course I will return them next week
like we need another pair of navy shorts
We take our picture
(more on that in a moment)
and now I will have to feed the boys in the car
because we have to get Connor to school
I look down
Colton has peed in the freaking blue shorts
breathe Jann
just breathe
I hate the effing mall

but we did manage this cute photo
when we walked up to the entrance of the EB area
Christian started waving to the furry guy
wave, wave, wave
When we walk over
I try to get Christian to sit next to Connor
not having it
then I distract him
and sneak him by Colton
the lady snaps the pictures
he quickly notices his proximity to the bunny
and the screaming commences
as soon as I pick him up
wave, wave, wave 
I love that kid
And he very much loves me
right now anyway

The boys have easter egg hunts at both of their schools tomorrow
We are doing a hunt at our neighbors house Sunday afternoon
and a big neighborhood one as well
I am cooking the usual ham
and deviled eggs with all of our dyed eggs
We made rice krispy treat "birds nests"
with jelly bean "eggs"
for Connor's class
We are going to make either a cake or cupcakes
tomorrow with marshmallow chicks on top
The boys have been hiding eggs all week
they need to practice


off the subject-
I have total old lady hands
They have always looked old
wrinkly and such
plus I have short nail beds 
and fat knuckles
My mom has beautiful hands
she did not share the gene with me
she did however share her thunder thighs
thanks mom! 
maybe some hand cream
anyone use a good one?

It's very obvious Christian likes water
I think all kids do at that age
I always wanted a water table
It's one of those expensive toys
I wish I had bought with #1kids
then I could have totally gotten my monies worth

We made our own white trash version

And in he goes
that's the old baby bathtub

I think Connor is confused
or possessive

ninja turtle costume
batman cape
spiderman mask
train conductor neckerchief
knight shield
he's got it all on!



Dee Stephens said...

As you know we're hosting Easter this year! Again... no ham for us. Brad and everyone likes prime rib. So not Easter like..

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love your white trash version of the water table. Colton and Bia must be chatting this week - she had three accidents too - I almost lost it! Ugh! Love Christian!! Old lady hands and thunder thighs - gotta love those Chrestman genes!! I love you no matter what (especially since I share a lot of those genes too).