Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation 2011

Part ?
I don't even remember what part # this is

We went Sunday evening
and ALL day Monday and Tuesday 
For a DL virgin
I must admit I was a bit disappointed
I am not sure if I had built it up so much in my head
or maybe I was tired
Now this is not to say that after our 2 1/2 days there
I did not have a good time
I had a GREAT time
but must say
I will not become a die hard Disney fan

The boys loved every
they rode

We managed naps in the stroller

scary face

Our trip was complete after meeting this guy

Here is the whole group of kids
My 3
My fave cousin's 2 kids
And her neighbors 3 kids
My cousin Cindy and I wanted to finally have our kids meet
I was planning a trip to Disney
And she and her bestie neighbor were as well
So we just decided to do it all together
And that was the way to travel 
I don't know if DL would have been as much fun without all of them
The kids entertained each other
whether in long ride lines
or at the hotel in the evening so the grown-ups could chat
It went really smooth for as many folks as we had
Then throw in Casey and her crew

 Connor watching the fireworks
Love that face
He was the only boy left awake

These 2 snoozed through it all

It is a small world after all

Christian thought he was pretty special
He did not want to leave him

Oh Minnie
I know how you feel!

And the Star of the Show
Well he's suppose to be
For us it was really buzz
The best part of our trip was made here
After we snapped this picture 
the staff was shooing us out of the room for the next group of folks
Colton said he had to show Mickey something
then he did a spin
more like a twirl
but it suppose to be a spin
then Mickey did it back
Later when we saw Buzz
he wanted to show him something too
yep, another spin
The fact that he was showing off to his heros

We did make it into California Adventure on the final day
Just in time to see the 
Toy Story Soldiers
they put on quite the performance
and even got the kids involved

Big Cous Cindy 
and the crew

and possibly new BFF's
Connor wanted to go everywhere Chatty went

Love me some 

Cousins in the toy box

 My kids
Cindy's kids
Casey's kids

And here she is again
Lainey Caroline
crushing on my man
I told Casey if LC could wash clothes and fix a bowl of cereal
that we could switch places

Overall, it was a fantastic vacation. I could not have asked for or expected anything better
I only lost 1 kid, 1 time
 MOTY for me
ok, maybe not

 I got to
 meet my cousins kids
meet some new great people
and got to see and old friend

 Most importantly
 I got to spend 5 really special days with my family

And the boys were so tired that the plane ride home was a breeze

That's a wrap folks
Planning vacation 2012
Actually thinking Disney cruise
any takers??

Coming up
Connor turns 5
(which he did do in Disney)


starnes family said...

Why does "WOWZA" enter the picture when I'm mentioned?


Great pic with Mickey! You'll love it forever. Glad the characters responded well to your kids, also. Disney is exhausting. It's hard work. But, it's magic.

Loved your trip recap!

starnes family said...

ps - Lainey is STILL asking about Mark.

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Glad we got to do it together! We have talked about the Disney cruise with our neighbors ... I think it would be fun but not for a couple years - one I need to save the cash and two I need to save up some energy!!

Momma to the A's said...

So AWESOME that you got experience Disney with family and friends! What a great trip! Glad you all had such a great time!