Monday, April 4, 2011

Vacation 2011

California Vacation
Part 2
Let's see
where did I leave us...
Oh yes,
it was our first full day in Cali
we had done the seals' thing
Christian was snoozing
The big boys and I walked around Seaport Village
I was makeup-less
Next stop
USS Midway
fair warning
there are tons of pictures
you may not be interested
but my mom is
and it's really all about her
so skip to the end if need be
but I'm not promising interesting chat down there either

 The USS Midway 
is an old navy vessel turned museum
I personally find this kind of place
I could spend hours here
when you have 3 tired boys
an hour and a half
is about all you get
Well worth the visit and money

 Connor with his "thumbs up"
his new thing?

 There are tons of things to crawl and play on
flight simulators
over 20 aircraft on the top deck
and of course a gift shop
which was the demise of our day
we didn't buy Connor a jet (toy)
and he LOST it
for realz
it was a "lainey" kind of break down

 Obviously all of these photos were taken
once that started
we could not get out the door fast enough
and I'm giving Mark the "eyes"
you know the look
"can't we just buy the toy and shut him up?"
and Mark's giving me the look
you know the one
he won
Mark I mean
which was the right parenting move to make
 Colton playing airplane on Daddy's shoulders
love this one

After this adventure
we headed back to the hotel for naps
It was pretty obvious who needed one

Our hotel was on the bay
So while I stayed so the boys could rest
Mark walked around here

Connor and Colton slept
Guess who didn't
 I mean
why should he?
there are so many interesting things to play with
in hotel rooms
like drawers

After quiet time
we were headed to a different beach
to try and take some photos
before heading to the Starnes' house for dinner

This time we went to 
La Jolla Shores Beach
I must say I was not all that impressed
The beach itself was covered in seaweed
And for a cold day
it was very crowded
There were lot of surfers
and folks playing ball and frisbie
Makes it hard for family pictures

We were all wearing our 
cheesy matching family photo outfits
and couldn't even get a whole family picture
there just didn't seem anyone to ask to take one

 and this is how most of the time went

now look who's tired
And this is where my camera bit the dust
I mean sand
here we switched to the camera phone

Here Mark is actually squatted down behind the boys
to keep Christian from falling backwards and busting his head open
Instead he takes a nose dive forward
and eats sand

And now the moment we have all been waiting for
Dinner with Casey
For those of you not in this strange little bloggie circle
you don't know Casey
but you could
and should
check out her blog here
she's a pretty funny gal
I don't know if it's so much her
or her kids

Casey and I used to work together at Michael's in Dallas
we were just a few cubicles away from each other
I was pregnant with Connor and she with Jack
only a few weeks apart
She went out on bedrest
Then I left on maternity leave
She had Jack
and neither one of us went back to work
So I had never met the little punks
only Carter once
And can I just say
this family is every bit as special as one might think

 For those of you who read her blog
Her description of the back yard does not do it justice
It is gorgeous
For those of you who don't read her blog-
could you image waking up to this every morning

Carter is an amazing kid
Mark even commented on how great he was

I don't have any pictures of Jack for some reason
But Jack...
halarious- and a train lover
for sure

and sweet sweet Lainey
love you girl
but we are going to scrap behind the swings at 3pm
she was crushing on my man

Truth is
I could have sat on her patio and talked all night
but unfortunately we had sleepy kids
and almost an hour drive back to the hotel

The good news is
there will be more Starnes' crew photos later
because we met up at Disney

I will leave you now
partly so I don't bore you to death
partly because blogger is pissing me off
but mainly because my hour is up
and the boys will be waking any minute
and so my day begins

I have a trip to Hobby Lobby planned with my friend
and YES I did say friend
swim lessons and school
I am in major party planning mode this week
Connor's lego birthday bash is on Saturday

lucky you


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Love it Jann!! So cute - sorry you didn't get any beac pics of the whole family!

starnes family said...

OMG. I have to come to terms with the fact that my daughter's tantrums are being referenced elsewhere. Like when Monica on friends realized someone said she "pulled a Monica."

Maybe we could add it to Wikipedia? "Such and such kid was being such a little monster. She totally pulled a Lainey!"

I like it.

Great photos, Jann! Can't wait to try the Midway.

So happy we're in touch after all these years. :)

Dee Stephens said...

Loving the recap. Ships and planes are always fun for boys! Disney now!