Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where Have I Gone Wrong

My sweet sweet Colton
My middle child
with the terrible terrible three's

I know it's hard to imagine
the child
with this face
walking around without a halo
but it happens

And it's my fault
It's always the mom's fault right
I see my attitude in him
When you tell him no
for the 42nd time in a row
to stop________
(fill in the blank)
he will scream  
and stomp
and hit
it's pretty

I'm frustrated
he's frustrated
I yell
he yells
I don't know what to do with him

I get the attitude
I totally get it
Connor is older
He gets everything new
has friends and cooler toys
Christian is the baby
He gets lots of attention
and holding and rocking
Colton gets the hand-me-downs
and the "in a minute"s
I would be mad too

So yesterday I gave him his own room
Connor and Colton have bunk beds
sharing a room obviously
Christian has his own room
We have a 4th bedroom
but it is on a the bottom level 
of our 3 level house
(all the other bedrooms are on 3)
so someone has to share
for the next few years

I did some serious furniture moving
I moved the crib to Connor's room
and Colton's bed to his 
I haven't moved the clothes yet
figured I would test this for a few weeks first

Last night he slept well
He seems pretty excited about his space
I'm thinking this might just be a good idea
Then this afternoon
I told him to go upstairs and change his clothes
(because he peed)
and he locked me out of the house
We had just been coming in from the garage
so I had my keys
then he's upstairs slamming doors

My "way" is not working anymore
I don't know what else to do
He OBVIOUSLY needs attention
do I put him in more school
do I put Christian in MDO 
so I can have more time with Colton
more 1 on 1 dates
but how to fit that in
I am at a loss

All I know 
what I am doing now
is NOT working


BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Ugh - I don't know if it is a middle child thing - Chatty is having similar issues! I think his own room is a great idea, see how it works out. Maybe one evening when Mark is come you could go on a date with Colton. Special times with them help. Don't you just love seeing your worst traits in your children! Call me if you want to chat!!

Dee Stephens said...

Lord knows that I am clueless! Maybe get him involved in a sport or something?

starnes family said...

I love him!

Perfect angel. Just like Jack.

NayNay said...

You've got a combination of middle child and I think a good dose of strong willed child! And then there's the "2nd boy" theory I hold dear too. I remember (back in the 80's) someone suggesting James Dobson's "The Strong Willed Child" book. I got as far as where he advocated spanking but that the point was to "break his will" - all I could reply was "what if I break his leg before I break his will?" So I feel your pain. I agree with trying to find 1 on 1 time and also clearing laying out consequences when he does not obey. You'll find in time he is your most interesting child and often most endearing and in many ways he may have the closest relationship with you. Sorry I can't offer you more - lots of prayer will get you through too!

Momma to the A's said...

I'm beginning to think the same thing! A2 is not the middle child yet, but I think there must be a personality that is linked with the middle child. They have to do something to stand out! I feel like I can't take A2 ANYWHERE these days! The last week she has thrown a temper tantrum at EVERY SINGLE place we have been! I am not kidding! I was reduced to tears today by 11:30 AM. The only thing I keep telling myself is to love her more when she does these things. My child has become a frequent flyer to time out. She now yells as soon as I pick her up, "No time out, no time out." I feel your pain sista! Hang in there and know I am thinking about you. Wish I had some great advice to pass on, but I am in the same boat!! Too bad we are too far away to sit down over a bottle of wine and talk about it!

NayNay said...

One more thing - these children are often the cutest, most adorable, beautiful, etc. of the family. I think it's God's way of protecting them. ;o)

Sara said...

All this talk about the terrible 3's is not giving me much hope. What happened to the terrible 2's??? That's where I am right now! And y'all are telling me it gets worse??? I better stock up on my wine.

Hang in there!!