Friday, April 1, 2011

Vacation 2011

Phase 1
travel day and first time at the beach
It's a long flight to sunny California from Oklahoma
especially with 3 kiddos to entertain
We survived the quick flight to DFW
and had high hopes for the flight to OC
It was right during Christian's nap time
And he did fall asleep
when the landing gear came down
but I did pack well for the flight
The boys colored
played their video games
watched a movie
played with magnets 
Mark and I passed Christian back and forth
and of course my secret weapon-
dum dum suckers

As soon as we arrived 
and loaded our things in the rental
We set out for San Diego/La Jolla area
It was a nice ride for me
And Colton snuck in a little rest too

We unpacked in our hotel rooms
And grabbed dinner and headed straight for the beach
I had a blanket and sand toys
such the prepared mamma
(but no one used it)

This is my favorite picture
Colton's reaction to seeing the ocean

 Christian headed straight for the water

He quickly changed his mind
He was so over-tired at this point
30 minutes of napping
2 hour time difference
He held it together really well 
all things considered

 Gotta have sand angels right?

My other favorite photo from the beach

Day 2 morning
we went to 
The Children's Pool
to see the seals
but before we got out of the hotel
I realized I forgot my make up bag
insert scream
I remember zipping it up the morning before 
and even taking it over to the suitcase
did one of the boys take it back out
Did I get distracted and put it down somewhere
I searched every.single.bag 100 times
Mark didn't get it
He did not understand the severity of this misfortune
I had to get some kind of makeup
powder and mascara at least
We stopped at a drugstore 
and I got just that
by the end of the day
I realized powder and mascara only weren't cutting it
We were forced to find a target that evening on the way to Casey's house

back to the seals
this was the most rewarding stop
(maybe for all of us)
Mark and I were both very glad we went
thanks Casey for the idea

As soon as that was over
which was still very early folks
Christian was snoozing
That's what happens when you wake up at 4am

Passed this sign on the drive after the seals
Had to take the picture for bloggie friend Sass

While Christian napped in the car
The big boys and I walked around
Seaport Village
super cute little area
I would have love to spend more time there
And had a bit to eat
(next trip for sure)

 We made smashed pennies

And held some birds

Ok that's all for now
I don't want to bore anyone to death
Stay tuned for phase 2
more site seeing
and visit with Casey


starnes family said...

Awesome photos, Jann. Love the ones of you and Mark walking with the boys on the beach. Absolutely gorgeous.

So fun having you here. When are yall moving to SD? :)

Amy Sumner said...

Love the pics!

Dee Stephens said...

That picture of him seeing the ocean for the first time is priceless! Can't wait for Disney pics!