Monday, April 18, 2011

I have a 5 year old

It doesn't seem possible
but some how it happened

I know I am way too young 
to be the mommy to a 5 year old
but I am
What can I say
I started early

We were in DisneyLand
for Connor's big day
We chose not to emphasize that
I didn't want every kid thinking 
a huge vacation is their gift
But he did find that pretty special
but he refused to wear his birthday button at DL

Back home the gifts from family rolled in almost daily
And of course
in true Connor style
they had to be opened immediately
While he found this gift fun
from Aunt Sissy
he wished it had been
no worries sissy
he still loved it

We had a family birthday breakfast
pancakes of course
with candles and singing
so he could open our gift

The LEGO police station
783 pieces
took about 8 hours total
but this 5 year old
completed the work
pretty impressive
can't you tell from his stressed out face?

I had big plans 
for the big party
It didn't quite work out the way I  envisioned 
but it was good

The invitation was my favorite part
This is the back
does it look like a LEGO brick?

And the front
Connor's LEGO men
he made them all

We had 3 games planned
1-building LEGO towers
2-guess how many LEGOS in the bucket
3-LEGO hunt

So it didn't really work out as planned
The boys ran and played
Everyone was really up for the LEGO hunt though
1 out of 3
not too bad
pizza was a hit
no shocker there
that didn't turn out like the LEGO bricks they were suppose to be
but Con loved them anyway
(I never claimed to be Betty Crocker)
and presents

I went back and forth on having the party
in OK or TX
I was very fearful we would not have enough
OK peeps
but we pushed forward 
trying to still settle in to this new state and all
and I am soooooo glad we did
The turn out was terrific
I felt really at home
I finally felt like maybe we might make here
It was great
watching Connor smile made it all worth while

Mother nature was very kind to us that evening
Not too hot
and we haven't had rain in weeks

We had neighbors
and classmates
and swim lesson friends
siblings too

And 1 very important best buddy
straight up from Plano
who got to spend the night
the perfect ending to the perfect 5th birthday party
We are so grateful for our friends
the old ones 
the new ones
who helped Connor celebrate his BIG day
And he is already planning his next one
well the gift list anyway
the theme will change
6,478 times between now and then

Colton is thoroughly confused about his birthday now
Poor middle child has never had a party
and his day is 2 days after Christmas
thinking of having a special party for him in October
how will that confuse him?

and I will try will all my might
not to have a birthday party 2 weeks after the actual day again
Connor thought it was his day the entire time
every day he wanted to pick his breakfast
or where we got to go
or wanted to go buy a special toy
I got over that real quick

And a very important announcement
there is only 1 soccer game left
thank goodness
we gave it 2 tries
we are done with soccer
for Con anyway

and yes
now that he is 5
his name is
he even wrote a note to his teacher
he wanted to make sure she understood the new rules


starnes family said...

Super cute party idea and the invitations are fantastic!'s a big deal!

Dee Stephens said...

HA! Great ideas for the party! Impressive. Funny that he wants to be called Con. Sounds 'big' :)

BrownEyedGirlsMom said...

Cue Mary Tyler Moore ... You are gonna make it Cous!! Love the invitations. Wish I was there to help with the cupcakes - I will make you Betty Crocker!! Miss you and Lacey misses her "Con!"

If the shoe FITZ said...

I didn't know Colton and I share a bday!! so fun!
it all looks great! glad you're feeling at home in OK.