Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby C Update

Well I am still pregnant!!!
Officially 10 weeks to go, unofficially 8 weeks.

I say 8 weeks because, hopefully, everything is being scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 25! I have not heard back from the nurse, so at this point I assume it is all a go. It could still be pushed out until the Monday after Turkey day, which would be ok too. It's just when it gets that close, it is the sooner the better. Plus if it is before Thanksgiving, I will have more people who can help with the boys since I would be in the hospital over a long, holiday weekend. If it is after, then family will have to take off work to help. My mom will come, but I would rather her be here when I am home from the hospital to help me.
My doctor's appointment went well. It would have been a rare visit that I was going to be in and out in less than 30 minutes, but I had to lay on the monitors for about half an hour. I was telling my DR that he had suddenly gotten much less active in the previous week. So she put the straps around my big belly to monitor his heart and movement. She said he looked great, perfectly normal for his age. I felt much better just hearing that. And of course, by that afternoon he was back to normal...the little rolly polly! Maybe I just worked myself up about it or was concentrating so hard on his movements that I could no longer feel them.
I start going back now every 2 weeks. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It's all fun and exciting in the beginning, but now....I'm kind of over it. I am not ready for his arrival, still SO much to do. But I can hardly do it because I am tired and have no energy. I have a sneaky little feeling that it is the procrastinator in me taking over. I will probably be up for 4 nights before his arrival finishing all my closets and cabinets.
Just a funny side note:
Yesterday while Colton was napping, I went into my bathroom to "do" my toes (it's part of my saving money movement-less paid for pedicures).
Well, I can no longer reach them in any position!! Darn the luck, I had to go to China-town today for a pedi. (As tacky as it is, that is what I call the nail salon)


Deelsu said...

So EXCITING!I can remember when you announced you were pregnant! congrats and I know you are ready!

starnes family said...

Hang in there. You're close.....try to enjoy it!