Wednesday, September 16, 2009


  • Bought a new garage door today since it literally fell apart. Thank goodness it was when I was closing it after backing out instead of trying to leave or just getting home. It was 11-12 years old and already being partially held together with a 2x4 board.
  • $800 does not get you much in the garage door world-plain, unpainted, non insulated, bottom line door (just like the one we had). Who the heck sets the prices for this crap?
  • I should probably really look into purchasing that home warranty that Marky-Mark cancelled since we keep having to replace things at full price.
  • I could probably loose 10 pounds, quickly, if I would just stop finishing the boys plates. I think about this as I finish a hot dog and spider man shaped mac & cheese.
  • I love the rain. I don't want to make a road trip in it, but running errands and such doesn't bother me. In the spring time it smells so fresh. And this time of year it is a nice break from the heat and makes it feel like fall. Plus I don't have to pay to water the grass.
  • I really despise Kate Gosslin, and her hubby (ex-hubby) is even worse. I will not watch anything she is on or read anything about her. He was so wrong for cheating. I don't believe in it no matter the circumstances. But I don't feel sorry for her at all. She has obviously chosen money over family, and that gets to me in a bad way.
  • I can watch some tacky shows. But I HATE the Atlanta housewives. They are by far the worst set of 'em. Have you ever seen anything so trashy or fake? Are they so lonely or have such a lack of self confidence that they are forced to have nothing real on their bodies, air out all their dirty laundry on TV, and act like hoodlums? Craziness I tell ya!
  • Still fell asleep during Jay Leno, so it is not the time slot. Must just be him.
  • If my computer were any freaking slower, I could hand write this stuff and mail it out.
  • Do "they" purposely build electronics to only last a year-computers, cell phones, etc? I think so. Especially cell phones. It's how they get you. Then to get a new one, you have to renew your 2 year contract. It's a vicious cycle. I just had to threaten to leave At&T to get an upgrade before my upgrade time. It would have been cheaper for me to cancel my contract on both our lines and go elsewhere than to purchase a full price phone. They helped me out, but it's a real shame that it had to be like that.
  • My email was messed up a few days ago and when it was finally back to normal, it's gotten of control. The junk email that is. I used to get 10-20 junk emails a day mostly from drug companies. Now 4 days into the week, I literally have 841 emails in my junk folder. I would say 95% from online pharmaceuticals. What the heck? I have opened another email account but I have not started using it yet because I have had the same email address for years. I am not a big fan of change, plus it really irritates me that I would have to do such a thing.
  • You should NEVER give out your email address to a company. Obviously tons of them sell the information to people who want you to enlarge your penis!
  • If I could afford anything I would have a full time housekeeper. Oh no, maybe I would have a daily sitter/nanny from 4-7pm. That is the hardest part of the day. I turn into evil-mom.

Well enough ramblings for now. Maybe it was more of a vent session, but either way I am through for the time being.

Duty calls!!!


Deelsu said...

Wow! sounds like you had a tough day. Yes, I agree - the cell thing is a vicious cycle and the email thing drives me nutz too as well as the Gosselins!

NayNay said...

Great post Jann! You are right on with all points. Totally agree about the "disposable" electronics, nothing is made like it "used to be". The "lunch table" was discussing just today how we had 30 year old towels that are in better shape than newer ones, if they just weren't so darn undersized, or are we now over sized???? ha!

The Soladay Family said...

I am so with you on Jon and Kate. They make me throw up in my mother...Yuk!

starnes family said...

You are too much, Jann. Love this post. My favorite is the one about your slow computer.

starnes family said...

ps - Just tagged you.