Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crazy Thought

So I have had a seriously crazy thought!!!

With Connor I did go into labor 10 days early. My water broke in the middle of the night, and I just know it was from that raspberry tea I drank. But he was breech so I had to have a C-section. With Colton, I was given the option. I did not necessarily want to have the surgery, but he was due January 6th and I really wanted him in December. Mainly it was for insurance and tax purposes, and quite frankly 40 weeks is just too long!

Now with number 3, you don't have an option-it must be a repeat C-section. But since this is my last and there is no risk of going into the new year, I was thinking why schedule it? Why not let my body go into labor. There is just something about the unknown and the excitement about thinking "is this it". Now I know that when it gets down to it, I will be so ready to just get this baby out (the 40 weeks is too long thing)-and right now he scheduled 10 days early. I don't know if I could make those last few days.

When I told Mark about it, he thought it was one of my dumbest ideas yet! He is probably right, but that moment is so GREAT! I can't even choose the words to describe it.

I need opinions-schedule it the smart way or wait it out.


starnes family said...

I believe it's safer to schedule it with a c-section after previous ones. Not totally sure.

I feel very lucky that I experienced "that moment" with Carter. Just like the movies.....water broke....rush to the hospital....labor.....pushing.....c-section. Jack and Lainey were scheduled. So, the same "moment" wasn't there....I get it.....but I always wanted the date set.

Good luck in your decision!

Donatelli98 said...

Schedule it that way you can make sure you have everything ready. Sorry about the Sooners - we were cheering for them!

Deelsu said...

no kids for me yet.. but I would schedule it