Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's Take a Little Walk

Marky-Mark came home early on Thursday (at 5:30) because he knew my shows were starting last night. Now isn't that a good husband?!?!? He scored some major brownie points for thinking of it all by himself.
It was such a beautiful day yesterday, my kind of day. Sunny with a cool breeze and the high was around 73.....PERFECT!!! So we took a walk around the block after dinner. It's no speed walk, no burning calories here. It's a slow pace, checking out every flower, acorn, nut, tree, and fire hydrant there is kind-of walk. And the best 30 minutes of our day!

The acorns definitely took the prize

Daddy's pockets got to hold them all. Mental note....check Mark's pockets!

Isn't that a nice view-I mean picture?
OK, I'll admit it, I married him for his bum. At least he can say his looks the same as when we got married.

Connor just sat down in someone else's yard, so of course Colton did as well. Then he says "can we just sit down for a minute, I need to talk to you about something".
Mark shoots me 'the look' like Connor got it from me. And of course he did! Who else is gonna teach communication besides a woman? HA!!
Bonus: on our walk Colton started saying tree. TREE!TREE!TREE! There are alot of trees around the block. YEAH! That's 1 more word. I am so proud. And of course he won't say it today, but that's OK.


starnes family said...

Your writing keeps getting funnier and funnier. I love the part about a woman teaching communication and how he won't say "tree" today.

And, you know I'm smiling b/c a walk outside with kids is one of my faves.

Deelsu said...

I love walks too! Brad and i regularly take one after dinner.
Love the 'I need to talk to you about something' ;)