Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day signals the summer's end, the last quickie get away, the final swim of the year, and the beginning of football season (which of course represents EVERYTHING fall). Well here at the Lenzer household in warm Texas at least we got half of it right-the football season part!!

In other words we had a travel free, hot weekend that included a swim, but doubtful it is the last. Technically there is still 2 weeks of summer, and hopefully not too many more weeks of heat. I am ready for a cool breeze.

We kept it pretty low key around the house. Mark had his fantasy football draft on Thursday night and golfed on Friday. The boys and I just played outside some-in the early morning hours 'cause it was warm!

Saturday was the first college football game day of the season. Mark went to the new Cowboy Stadium to watch his fave team-OU. Yikes...I won't even mention how it went because it still a sore subject here.

Sunday I spent the afternoon at PB working.

Monday was low key as well. We always go to Chuy's for lunch with friends on the holidays. The boys were in the middle of a very good, and well needed nap, so I stayed home with them and sent Mark to lunch. After nap, I filled up the whale pool and the boys took a dip.

OU loss aside, it was a great weekend, even if it was a little boring. Next time I will at least try and get some grilling in!

The boys swimming and using their "outside" voices

The boys playing inside, naked of course

Loving each other

Always time for a book

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starnes family said...

Their hair looks different......longer.....maybe because of the heat outside? Jack's is so long. I'm going to try to cut it myself. All 3 of them. I figure I could try and then take them in if I butcher it.

Sorry. Rambling. OK, so I will never share your blog with my husband b/c he would give me hell for all the cool stuff your husband gets to do!!!!!!

Working where?

Donatelli98 said...

I am LOL at Casey's comment above about not letting her husband read your blog! Love the pics of the boys - if it makes you feel any better it was 105 here today! Where the heck is fall???

Deelsu said...

the boys are the cutest! little naked ones! I bet they are going to be such great, life-long friends :)