Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Names

I get asked all the time if I have a baby name picked out. The truth is I do, but I don't.

We have Connor Louis (Louis after Mark's grandfather) and Colton Lee (Lee after my dad). The middle names were a compromise we made before Connor was born. So it seems we have already started the "CLL" initials. My goal is to continue with the chees-y factor. Plus anything monogrammed can just get passed down. I am not thinking too hard about names because both boys were named after birth. I do like to meet them to be sure the name fits.

We were pretty set on Parker or Preston for Connor. And Colton had a list of our top faves and Colton was not on the list. All though we fought over it, I was not a fan of Colton. Of course now I could not imagine it any other way.

Mark really likes Christopher William for this one. I like the name, but it is very traditional and Connor and Colton are not. So I will argue that one. William was his dad's name, so while I respect that, it messes up our same initial game. I have offered Liam as a middle name, which is Irish for William. He is not sold on that.

I do have 2 favorites myself, which I am not sharing. It's not that I don't want anyone to know. I just know my husband. And the second I say them he will shoot them down. So I am keeping those to myself for just a bit longer. Though I do secretly talk to baby C and refer to him in a special C (non-Christopher) name!!

But I am willing to hear (read) any and all suggestions for a C and L names!!!!


Deelsu said...

love the keeping the initials the same! saves $$
My nephew's name is Preston Allyn(Preston was our grandfather's name and Allyn is my brother's middle name).
Christopher William is the name of the guy who hosts my business show that I produce.(William is actually his middle name but he goes by that on the air).
C and L names...hmm..What about Cullen?

starnes family said...

Duh. Carter.


I really do like Christopher. I come from 6 C's (Chris, Casey, Cody, Caroline, Ceason and Colt). So, I favor C's, too. When we named Carter, everyone thought I was following suit!

AutumnFawn said...

I love different names, too. I kept a baby in the church nursery named, Cash. I thought that was kinda neat!!