Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Wrap Up and Random Thoughts

So I am quite behind in posting on my blog and reading all my favorite ones. My email has been messed up, and for the past week every time I turn on my computer, I have been screwing around with that and NOTHING else. The good news is, I think it is back to normal. The bad news is, I have a dozen post ideas that are floating around in my head. I am trying to get back into a good blogging rhythm. These pictures are all kinds of out of order...sorry.

Football season has started, as everyone knows! For me, that means less time for me and lots more time with the boys-ALONE-as Marky-Mark has new priorities. But I will save that bitching, as I have an entire posts worth of complaints on that single subject.

So the past week and a half we have had some decent temperatures here in DFW. A few days of the low 90's and a day or two of only the upper 80's!! That meant lots of outside time for us. I am so not a fan of the heat and while it still hot, it is very nice in the mornings right now, so we try to take full advantage of it. Let me just say, I can not wait for fall to officially arrive.

We have taken our lunch outside

We have hit several parks-several times

Lots of backyard time too
This is not a real ice cream cone. It is bubbles-and the best ones ever! We got them in a favor bag from one of the 3 birthday parties we attended this month.

We did some outdoor shopping

Of course we enjoyed a Popsicle or two (dozen)

We tried on the neighbor's hat (at Amelie's bday party)

We played soccer-in our jammies (or half of them)

And tossed balls at Precious

And cut the grass

Connor and Daddy at Ben's birthday party

Connor and Ben

We played dress up-ride em Cowboy!

We sweated it out on some of the warmer days

And we can't forget the sand park-our favorite one!

Here's to September-may it bring many more outside outings!

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