Monday, August 31, 2009

The Difference Between Girls and Boys

We were invited to our neighbors 1st birthday party this past weekend. I knew when we received the invitation, pictured above, it was going to be special. The front of the invitation had this beautiful picture attached. Inside it was stamped with her initials, inviting all princesses and princes to the party.

The little girls got fairy wings and wands. The boys (only Connor and Colton) got swords and chest cute

The theme continued through the kitchen

Amelie was dressed the part and even managed to keep her gorgeous dress clean through her cake.

The mantel was just a beautiful as the rest of the house.
I told Mark we would never be able to invite them to another party. I am gonna have to work on my party throwing skills-HA! Kind of puts our Spider Man and Lightening McQueen themes to shame. Maybe it's a good thing I have boys!
It was a fun afternoon. Sometimes it is nice to be around pink! I will post more play pictures from this party and the one we to on Saturday in my next post.


starnes family said...

Wow. Very well done. I love to throw parties and that puts mine to shame. I'm totally impressed!

Just gave you an award....check my blog!

Deelsu said...

Nice Party! Maybe you'll have a girl this time around!??? PINK!