Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Time

I was tagged by Dee and My favorite Cousin

My summer has not been that exciting so be warned! HA!!

Favorite Summer Cocktail: This summer it's been a nice, cold ice water

Favorite Summer Movie: I haven't seen any new movies, so I will say Dirty Dancing and Top Gun, as I have watched both several times this summer

Favorite Summer Song: I have been enjoying all the 80's tunes on XM radio in the car-makes you want to roll down the windows and sing real loud.

Favorite Summer Time Outfit: Flip Flops-though I wear them year round in the house and whatever fits each day-I have been very limited this summer!
Favorite Summer Reading- I love to read trash magazines (Star, People,etc) when I am on vacation or lounging. As far as books go, I have read a couple of Janet Evonovich novels this summer and she is always a hoot!

Favorite Summer Moment: My first family vacation-a quickie trip to San Antonio and of course feeling this new baby move around!

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