Thursday, August 20, 2009


So the city is doing some work in our alley (don't know if alley's are a TX thing or Dallas thing but they suck-driveways in back with alley access only-can't meet neighbors-traffic jams-fast driving cars-kids chasing balls or getting bikes out of garage). Parts of it have been closed for 2 weeks now. Of course I can't seem to remember this until I have turned into the alley and then see the trucks and/or barricades blocking my driveway.

Anywho, they did not pick up my trash this week, which I found odd since the recycling got picked up. Well I certainly can't make it another week seeing as how the lid already wouldn't close. So I called the city and they said if I could roll it out front they could have picked up with in the hour. SWEET!! I got the kids busy with a toy and ran out back to roll the stupid thing to the front. The side yard that is not fenced in was of the course the chosen route. I almost thought I wasn't going to make it past our new $4500 AC unit. It was a very tight squeeze but I got it by. The next time I looked out the window the trash can was empty.

I had told Mark all about this....I was actually bitching about it on the phone with him as I was pushing it to the front.

When he got home last night he said to me, you know this really bothers me that you had to take the trash out front. It's their job. They should have walked to the back to get it if they couldn't get the truck down the alley. You're pregnant.BLAH!BLAH!BLAH!

I said to him it was no big deal, it was empty now. He then wanted the name and numbers of the people I talked to. I just laughed!

This coming from the guy who will sit on the couch and barely glance up while I, the same pregnant one who moved the trash can, unloads all the groceries and drinks from the car without even opening the door for me. He said he could do that because he was my husband!!

And for some reason we still love them!

OK that was my bitch session for the day-actually I just thought it was funny!


If the shoe FITZ said...

sounds all too familiar
don't know what I am going to do without the pregnant excuse...

Rennie said...

Our garbage and recycling containers sit next to the curb (in the alley) all the time. On Fridays (the pick-up day) they don't always get them back in the right place, which wouldn't be that much of a problem . . . IF my husband would take a minute (while he's home all day) and at least move them out of the middle of the alley so I could get in the driveway at the end of the day !!!